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Airport-Style Scanners in Schools a Step too Far, says Security Expert

Adam Bannister
Adam Bannister
Editor, IFSEC Global

Airport customs security scanningBetter cooperation between schools and the police is the best way to prevent a recurrence of last month’s fatal stabbing of a teacher, says the CEO of a leading integrator.

Ann Maguire was stabbed to death in front of horrified pupils at Corpus Christi Catholic College just weeks away from retirement.

But Chris Percy, CEO and founder of Direct Security Integration Inc and, said that subsequent calls for airport-style security, which is already commonplace across the Atlantic, were an overreaction.

“We don’t think that the UK has an appetite for introducing US-style security in schools and we can understand why,” said Percy. “We have introduced numerous security systems into schools and we don’t think airport-style scanners answer the problem.

“If you keep with the comparison with airports, more than 99% of problems are identified by the police long before people get to the airport.  The same should be true in schools.”

Intelligence gathering and sharing between schools, the police and other relevant parties, should instead be the priority, Percy argues.

“Rather than introduce airport style scanners I would like to see far closer cooperation between schools and the police.  The police usually know who the dangerous children are and if they worked with the school, issues could be averted before a tragedy happened. Scanners can be cheated if the child is determined.

“Schools should be able to focus on education, scanners and other intrusive security can create the wrong environment.”

There is a place in school for technology of the less intrusive kind, suggests Percy. “I do believe in access control and CCTV,” he said.

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Adam Bannister
Adam Bannister
Adam Bannister is the Editor in Chief for A former managing editor at Dynamis Online Media Group, his experience in B2B journalism spans eight years and includes writing, subediting, and interviewing. Adam, who also has experience writing PR, creating surveys, and producing whitepapers, is determined to grow IFSEC Global's community and strengthen its position as the premier resource for the security and fire-prevention industries. Hailing from Birmingham (ranked in The New York Times's Places to Visit 2012 no less!), he is an Aston Villa supporter and regularly plays five-a-side football.

This is what you get when Liberals dictate what can and can not be done. They are more interested in the criminals rights than protecting innocent people.

What we need it punishment to fit the crime. The individual who killed the teacher, as a minimum should get life, and I mean until he dies, imprisonment, of better the death penalty for what he did.

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