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AMG to host live software and hardware demonstrations as part of Cortech Open Innovation Event

AMG is to host live software and hardware demonstrations as part of Cortech's Open Innovation Event at IFSEC 2018. Read More

CSL to demo new product CSL Router as part of ‘Show Me How’ programme

CSL will be showcasing demos of its newly launched product, CSL Router, as part of the inaugural 'Show Me How' programme at IFSEC 2018. Read More

Alarm signalling: PSTN’s days are numbered as the IP switchover gathers pace

The security industry clings to the outdated argument that PSTN is reliable and broadband is not, argues Jim Carter of WebWayOne. This outdated thinking is fuelled by vested interests in PSTN-based recurring revenue and fear of change. Read More

ANIXTER product demos to be showcased through ‘Show Me How’ programme at IFSEC 2018

ANIXTER will host a series of demos testing cabling, networking and security solutions at IFSEC 2018. Read More

PACOM Systems launches device to target false alarms

PACOM Systems, the provider of security and access control solutions, has launched a new hybrid control panel aimed at reducing the occurrence of false alarms. Read More

Meet the BT Redcare ‘Show Me How’ team

BT Redcare will be undertaking a series of Show Me How demonstrations at IFSEC this year aimed at alarm receiving centres, installers, insurers and end users. Here’s a chance to meet the team in advance of this year's exhibition. Read More

Serial data to ethernet converter from ComNet aimed at legacy security systems

A serial data to ethernet terminal server – which takes RS232, RS422 and RS485 serial data, converts it to IP and transports it over an ethernet network, and then converts it back at its destination – has been introduced by fibre optic and transmission company ComNet. Read More

Security systems integration: How independent advice can extend your operational lifetime

A manufacturer-agnostic software specialist provides freedom of choice for the integration of systems that meet clients’ commercial and functional requirements, unlike a BMS, CCTV or access control manufacturer-based systems advisor, writes Cortech Developments. Read More

Four visual monitoring companies combine to form Netwatch Group

Netwatch has merged with three other visual monitoring companies to form a new global force: Netwatch Group. Read More

CSL CEO Ed Heale on the need to keep innovating and creating new revenue streams for installers

IFSEC Global sat down with Ed Heale, CEO of CSL, the market-leading provider of secure connectivity for M2M/IoT devices, to […] Read More

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