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The smart buildings report 2017: installed base, benefits and challenges, cyber threat and barriers to adoption

Queen opens National Cyber Security Centre with UK hit by 60 serious cyber-attacks a month

A new cyber defence centre opened by the Queen today is tasked with making the UK more resilient against cyber-attack. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) will offer advice to both citizens and organisations on how to protect themselves against hackers. Speaking to the BBC’s Newsnight, NCSC CEO Ciaran Martin said: “We have had significant losses […] Read More

Hotel pays bitcoin ransom after guests are locked out of rooms by ransomware infection

A four-star Austrian hotel has paid hackers a ransom free its systems from a ransomware infection after guests were locked out of their rooms. Read More

Radiation-blocking underwear and 18 other bizarre smart ‘things’ that could let hackers into your smart home (and one device to protect you)

Here are 19 of the most bizarre or – according to IoT sceptics – pointless devices that are creating new vectors of attack for cybercriminals. Also find in our interactive infographic one device designed to protect the smart home from attack. Read More

VC-financed cybersecurity firms are conjuring exaggerated stories of “omnipotent hackers” rather than innovating, says cyber CEO

Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge, says "too many cybersecurity startups try to boost their sales through fear, uncertainty and doubt." Read More

Soaring cybercrime and 40% jump in violence against staff fuels latest rise in retail crime

The latest BRC Crime Survey has revealed that the total cost of retail crime reached £660m between 2015-2016, up from £613m the year before. Read More

“Bad data + biased algorithms = big delusion,” says David Venable

David Venable, VP of cyber security at Masergy Communications, also reflects on the cyber resilience of Fortune 500 companies versus SMEs and suggests that AI is overhyped. Read More

Goodbye passwords, hello heart monitoring? How doctors might one day check your vital signs to access your data

The electrical activity of the heart is being investigated as a potential form of verification by researchers. Read More

39% of buyers of IoT tech fail to protect smart buildings against cyber attack

Almost four in 10 (39%) buyers of smart building tech admit to not taking steps to safeguard installations against hackers, a survey has revealed. Read More

Ukraine power outages blamed on malware infection: the lessons to learn

Paul Ducklin of Sophos considers the recent cyber attack on the Ukrainian power grid and offers some tips on how organisations can protect themselves against similar breaches. Read More

Applying deep learning to cyber security: Q&A with Deep Instinct CEO Guy Caspi

Deep Instinct CEO Guy Caspi discusses the complexities of deep learning and how Deep Instinct spotted a gap in the ballooning market for combating cyber security threats. Read More

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