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June 25, 2012

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“Second to none”: Inner Range improves security and access control for a large college in Stockport

Downloads of Axis Camera Companion reach 10,000 landmark

Axis Camera Companion has been specifically designed for installations comprising anything from one to 16 cameras and is proving popular with retail store managers, office managers, the owners and operators of hotels and other small businesses that need easy-to-use and future-proof video surveillance complete with HDTV quality.

The solution was launched at the end of March and was showcased at IFSEC International last month where many installers took up the challenge of installing the kit in the fastest time. James Drinkwater from NW Systems Group won himself an iPad by securing the fastest installation time at sub-two minutes.

“This solution is so easy to install, even under pressure!” suggested Drinkwater. “It’s very intuitive and the system can be up-and-running in minutes. Not only this, but the end result is a high-end HD surveillance system and, therefore, extremely high quality images.”

Drinkwater went on to state: “Axis Camera Companion delivers the quality of solution that large IP installations benefit from on a far smaller scale, which is very appealing to smaller businesses that need to protect their assets.”

Growing awareness among customers

Phil Doyle, regional director for northern Europe at Axis Communications, said: “The competition at IFSEC International was great fun, but there was good reason for it as we wanted to prove to the market just how quick and easy this solution is to install.”

He went on to comment: “The demand for this solution speaks for itself with the number of downloads there have been in just two months. We expect interest in Axis Camera Companion this to continue as more businesses become aware of just how accessible ‘next generation CCTV’ is to them.”

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