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Adam Bannister is editor of IFSEC Global. A former managing editor at Dynamis Online Media Group, he has been at the helm of the UK's leading fire and security publication since 2014.
August 23, 2017

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EU Construction Products Regulation has failed to boost competitiveness of European fire industry, says Euralarm

The EU’s Construction Products Regulation (CPR) should be reviewed, according to Euralarm.

The trade association representing European electronic fire safety and security manufacturers believes the CPR has not boosted the competitiveness of the electronic fire safety industry as hoped. The CPR, it says, is at odds with the industry’s need for standardised product performance requirements and standardised behaviour.

For example, alarm buttons that activate a fire alarm system across Europe – and the world – are always red. However, under the CPR, this is not seen as ‘performance criteria’, so the colour can change depending on national solutions. This could confuse building occupants jeopardise lives, Euralarm argues.

The CPR’s stated objective is to help standardise test methods and foster Europe-wide acceptance of test results in order to facilitate cross-border movement of construction products. However, it also covers a very wide range of products with very divergent characteristics and less reliance on performance criteria. This adversely affects standardisation of fire detection and alarm products, Euralarm believes.

Based on initial consultations, Euralarm members favour revising the CPR (Option II of the Inception Impact Assessment) with the aim of facilitating standardisation and boosting the export prospects of European manufactuers.

Euralarm is working with the European Commission and DG GROWTH – formerly the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs – to define and implement the optimum solution to these challenges.

Founded in 1970, Euralarm represents more than 5,000 companies and organisations within the European fire safety and security industry, lobbying for greater cross-border standardisation for the benefit of both the industry and safety of citizens.

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