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Marshalls Landscape Protection


Marshalls Landscape Protection offers a design led approach to Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM). Their Secured by Design, protective street furniture enables highly effective security solutions to blend seamlessly into urban landscape; allowing architects, planners and designers to install HVM measures without instilling fear.

Marshalls will discuss how the right levels of protection can be installed without making the risk visible to public. They will also present details of their crash tested solutions which incorporate protective RhinoGuard® technology.

Morse Watchmans

The Art of Key Control and Asset Management


As the original designer and developer of electronic key control, Morse Watchmans has evolved the portfolio of products to offer state of the art, fully networked systems that will enhance operations and have a positive impact financially.

At IFSEC Tech Talks, Morse Watchmans will speak on “The Critical Need for Key Control, Efficiency, Security and the Financial Impacts”, including what key control is, how it is used, and what can be the benefits to an organisation.

Morse Watchmans will also feature their flagship product, the KeyWatcher Touch. 


DualCom Pro

DualCom Pro offers Installers easier, faster installation of professional signalling systems with even greater resilience. It also provides access to CSL Live, our brand new device management portal, as well as the My Base App.


Inkjet Card Printer


HID Global powers the trusted identities of the world's people, places and things. They make it possible for people to transact safely, work productively and travel freely. Their trusted identity solutions give people convenient access to physical and digital places and connect things that can be identified, verified and tracked digitally. Millions of people around the world use HID products and services to navigate their everyday lives, and over 2 billion things are connected through HID technology. They work with governments, educational institutions, hospitals, financial institutions, industrial businesses and some of the most innovative companies on the planet.

HID will demonstrate their latest innovation and high-end solution from its Secure Issuance division, who has developed two new printers for ID cards. Including the FARGO® INK1000 which is the latest printer innovation to join HID Global’s family of desktop-based card printers.


VIDEO SYNOPSIS® and Deep Learning Solutions


BriefCam is the industry's leading provider of VIDEO SYNOPSIS® and Deep Learning solutions for rapid video review and search, face recognition, real-time alerting and quantitative video insights. By transforming raw video into actionable intelligence, BriefCam dramatically shortens the time-to-target for security threats while increasing safety and optimizing operations.

Traction Guest

Visitor Management Systems


Traction Guest, the leader in enterprise visitor management, empowers businesses across five continents and dozens of industries to make on-site experiences for employees and visitors safe, secure and effortless. Today, top global brands rely on the highly customizable platform to deliver unparalleled security and an intuitive visit experience across multiple entry points. With ZeroTouch sign-in, Frontline, and contact tracing capabilities, Traction Guest scales globally, and can be configured to any location-specific needs.

Traction Guest will be giving an overall presentation on its Visitor Management System - who they are, what they do, a few features to their products that are relevant to the current environment.

Its product provides security, safety, compliance and a seamless, memorable visitor experience. With its latest solution, they are able to help employers maintain their staff and employees safe as they return to the physical work space. 

Trackforce Valiant

All-in-one workforce management solution made for security


Whether you’re a contract security company looking for scalability and growth or an in-house security manager needing to streamline your department’s operations, Trackforce offers guard management essentials: real-time remote monitoring and tour tracking, lone worker protection, incident/activity reporting with evidentiary support, scheduling, dispatching, guard onboarding and training and more.

Their solutions serve security companies looking for growth and scalability as well as in-house security needing to streamline their team’s communications, activities, and security across departments.


Germgard - The Smart Sanitising Station


With the outbreak of COVID-19, good hygiene practice has become more important than ever before. Fireco has recently released its newest innovation, Germgard, a smart sanitiser combined with digital signage. Germgard has been designed to promote awareness of the importance of hand sanitisation to all building users. It can also be tailored to suit individual business needs, helping as a building management tool. Some examples of potential messaging include instructing users to follow your one-way system or putting on a mask before entering.

Germgard is a smart sanitising station that monitors people passing through your chosen doorways. A PIR sensor will detect someone approaching and a screen will show your personalised message.

Germgard can also be combined with a range of door systems so that the use of hand sanitiser is a requirement before gaining entry. Integration options include electronic door locks, automatic doors, and access control systems.

Lorenz Technology

Lorenz AI-Link and Lorenz Hive


Lorenz Technology develop artificial intelligence for drones and mobile robots. The company makes Lorenz AI-Link and – Hive which in combination serves as an intelligent drone solution especially for the security and maritime industries, moving into public safety with their latest feature updates.

The mission is to make autonomous drones flights with intelligent, versatile, and user-friendly solutions for enterprise management of drones.

The Lorenz AI-Link is an edge-computing device, currently communicating with Lorenz Technology's cloud platform through a 4G connection (testing 5G), and with access to the web interface of Lorenz Hive, customers are able to preprogramme missions, save and share their data real-time.

Lorenz Technology is frontrunners when it comes to artificial intelligence for drones and mobile robots, and part of the Odense Robotics cluster of robot heroes. 

Secure Logiq

Reducing downtime in mission critical CCTV applications


A look at Secure Logiq’s Health monitoring and alerting utility, Logiqal Healthcheck Pro, a tool to reduce maintenance requirements whilst improving support performance offering a level of proactive maintenance not seen before in our industry. The software monitors all processes and components within Secure Logiq hardware and creates an alert in the event of abnormal operation, temperature or component issues. An easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows customers to monitor all hardware in the field via an intuitive traffic light system. 


A Video Surveillance and Smart Home solution for all


See the things that matter and ignore what doesn't with the Monitoreal AI Video Security Assistant. Providing intelligent AI analytics for up to 8 cameras, Monitoreal identifies a variety of objects such as people, vehicles or animals to enable custom alerts and deliver real-time notifications by Telegram, Webhooks, Slack and Email. Unlike other cloud-based home security systems, Monitoreal processes all data locally on your home network, eliminating the risk of your video feed being hacked and shared. Monitoreal's IFSEC Tech Talk will introduce the latest product developments designed to improve security and awareness for the residential and SMB markets.

Axis Communications

Frictionless Solutions


Axis will be looking at a number of products that can be used as part of a frictionless solution, including the Network Video Door Station which is a full-fledged security camera, a powerful communication device, and a convenient door opener in one single device.

IFSEC Tech Talks Presenter

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