Martyn's Law - The Next Steps


17 May 2023, 09.30am – 2:00pm
South Gallery Room 6, ExCeL, London
This exclusive seminar session will focus on the recommendations and insights from the Manchester Inquiry and the subsequent introduction of Martyn’s Law. If your professional responsibilities focus on managing security in venues, stadiums, large open spaces or any property affected by Martyn’s Law, this is a unique opportunity to hear how this incoming legislation will impact your responsibilities.


Introduction to speakers and content 

Scott Wilson


Senior Associate Cabinet Office

Emergency Planning College (EPC)

Between 2014 and 2018 as a Det Chief Superintendent, Scott was the National Co-ordinator for Protect and Prepare under the CONTEST strategy, based at the National Counter Terrorism headquarters at New Scotland Yard.

A highly proficient counter-terrorism specialist consulting at governmental level, demonstrates exceptional leadership, organisational ability and intellectual capability.

Scott was a senior Investigating Officer with extensive working knowledge in homicide and counter-terrorism investigations having led over 50 murder and Counter Terrorism enquiries.


Insight into Security Recommendations Volume 1

 Dr David BaMaung


Able Security Consultants


As the key security subject matter expert during the Manchester Inquiry, Dr BaMaung will provide viewpoints and analysis on the strategic impacts Martyn’s Law will have on organisations, venues and large spaces.

The session will look at the key recommendations from the Inquiry as described by the chair, Sir John Saunders.


Insight into Preparedness and Response Volume 2

Scott Wilson


Senior Associate Cabinet Office

Emergency Planning College (EPC)

As the Policing and Counter Terrorism subject matter expert to the inquiry team Scott will provide an overview of the operational and response aspects of Martyn’s Law which will directly correlate with the findings of the Inquiry.


A Personal Journey for Martyn’s Law

Figen Murray 

Protect Duty/ Martyn's Law Campaigner

Over the last five years Figen has worked relentlessly to introduce Martyn’s Law in memory of her son to ensure that the public are more secure when attending events. She has created a compelling case for change that the Government listened to and are now committed to Martyn’s Law also known as Protect Duty.

In this session Figen will provide a narrative on how Martyn’s Law has progressed on its journey, the challenges it has faced and the prospects for its future implementation.


The Home Office Legislation Timetable

Debbie Bartlett

Head of Protect & Prepare

Home Office

As the Head of Protect and Prepare within the Home Office, Debbie will update the conference on the current progress of the legislation and its proposed legislative timeline.

This will help groups impacted by the new legislation to understand their own timeframes, the areas they need to address and any remedial operations they’ll need to plan for. 


Protect and Prepare Update including The Competent Persons Scheme

Kish Naidoo

Deputy National Coordinator

Protect and Prepare

Counter Terrorism Policing

As the Deputy National Co-ordinator, Protect and Prepare, Kish will provide
an update on how the competent persons scheme will complement Martyn’s Law legislation.

Compliance and competency will be key aspects of the implementation of the legislation moving forward so this session will outline the plans for managing the scheme effectively.


How Converged Security Technologies Protect Open Spaces

James Willison

Convergenace/ ESRM Specialist

James Willison is a recognised International leader in Security Convergence and Enterprise Security Risk Management. He was a member of the ASIS/ISC (2) Security Awareness Standard working group and is a member of the ASIS ESRM Steering Committee.

James was awarded the Imbert Prize for an ‘outstanding contribution to the Security Industry in 2011’ for his work on convergence with ASIS Europe and the Information Security Awareness Forum.

Sarb Sembhi


Virtually Informed Limited

As the Founder of the Security2Live Initiative ,mentor for Cyber Security Start-ups  and other start-ups as the Cyber Security advisor. Sarb has worked on Cyber Insurance and became a Cyber Essentials Certifier in August 2014. 

As recognised leaders in converged security management and cyber security, James and Sarb will present a compelling demonstration around how integrated security software and hardware can provide effective management solutions during a simulated major incident.

The use of converged security applications will be a significant addition
to the successful implementation of the Martyn’s Law recommendations as it
helps to strategically manage the incident by having access to all the factual detail. 


Panel Discussion with Speakers

Mark Scoular


For over 35+ years, Mark Scoular has dedicated himself to protecting the UK, and visitors to the United Kingdom. as well as preparing our emergency responders & special forces to keep our country secure against all manner of terrorist/non-terrorist related attacks and civil contingency.

Mark joined the Royal Marines Commando's in 1983, through to Head of Emergency Preparedness for the London 2012 Olympic Games until recently as Head of Domestic High Threat Risk and currently as Head of International PROTECT and PREPARE for National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters in the UK.

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