Thinking out of the Box - a look at Azur Drones Skeyetech security solution

Pioneering French drone developer Azur Drones (stand IF433) is bringing its revolutionary Skeyetech security drone to IFSEC International 2019, and I’m excited to get hands-on with this one-of-a-kind “system in a box” product.


Designed from the ground up to be a security-specific solution, the Skeyetech platform is a fully automated, all-in-one aerial system for rapid response situational assessment, perimeter patrol and situational awareness.


Their visit to IFSEC International comes hot on the heels of the award of Europe’s first airspace regulator permission to operate a fully autonomous drone. Taking off from its docking station, the Skeyetech does not need a specially qualified or experienced pilot. An employee with simple system training can direct the drone to operate over private land, Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS), day or night, in urban areas in France.


The Skeyetech system has many benefits, not only compared to traditional manual security patrols and responses but also compared to other less integrated drone solutions.


The first is speed. From the moment it receives an alert, a Skeyetech drone can launch and be flying at over 50km/h in just a few seconds. That means it can arrive at any part of a 300ha (740ac) site and be monitoring within 3 minutes of receiving a launch alert.


This impressive speed also allows Azur’s UAVs to patrol a perimeter more than five times quicker than a traditional manned patrol. That means a 7km perimeter inspection will take only 20 minutes!


Moreover, Skeyetech drones offer excellent visual acuity with both HD visible light camera for daytime operations and a high-precision thermal camera for night ops. A wide (60° field of view) mode gives a general overview, and a powerful zoom (day 20x, night vision 4x) brings targets close to analyse any situation.


Built for extremes, the base station is IP56 rated and can be located at the most optimal position in any given site. More than just a protective “box”, this autonomous station acts as a secure storage unit for the drone, as well as a battery charger and communication hub. The entire system is compatible with video management systems from Genetec and Milestone, which means it can link seamlessly with existing security systems. Operation is entirely automatic, and preprogrammed patrol missions can be flown, as well as ad hoc live missions ordered through the VMS.


The drones themselves have been designed to be reliable, rugged, safe and accurate. With eight rotors for redundancy and power and IP43 waterproof rating, they can fly in the rain and winds up to 50km/h (the base unit contains a weather station, which means the drone is always aware of ground conditions before and during flight). Flight times are 25 minutes, and the base station is capable of fully charging the drone’s power from 0% to 100% in only 30 minutes.


All in all, this is one of the most exciting “security-ready” UAV products to come to the market and its potential for increasing the protection of high-priority sites and sensitive infrastructure is enormous. If, like me, you’re keen to get up close and personal with Skeyetech then be sure to visit Azur Drones at IFSEC International 2019, stand IF433, from 18th to 20th June.