Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology - Securing the Future

The UAV/drone sector has seen unprecedented technological advances over the last five years. Not only has unmanned aerial vehicle technology become more reliable, more robust, and much easier to use, but the range of sensors and equipment able to be carried by these aerial platforms is now more extensive than ever.


At last year’s IFSEC 2018 Drone Zone, our exhibitors were inundated with questions about how drones could be used in a variety of security applications. Initially, the “portable camera in the sky” concept was the most obvious use-case for many, but increasingly our visitors were asking about a whole range of sensors, from night vision and heat sensing to radar and lidar, through to chemical and substance detection.


It became clear to us that many of these queries were coming from businesses and operators that had already started to use drones in their security portfolio. Having seen the benefits and return on investment of their use as a highly mobile aerial camera platform, they wanted to understand how they could further utilise these highly productive assets.


A significant factor in the increased use of drones in the security sector has been the development of flight systems with more and more autonomy. The ability to send an aerial platform to an exact location by merely pressing on a map location on a mobile device is already available. The reduction in the amount of physical piloting skill required means that operators can quickly be trained to the required levels of competency.


Now add into the mix the plethora of sensors currently (and shortly) available and the simple camera drone can become an extremely potent weapon in your security arsenal. From infrared and night vision technologies to radar sensors, from 30x optical zoom cameras for covert surveillance to payloads such as loudspeakers and spotlights, and highly specialised sensors for sampling the environment to locate substances including explosives, the range of operations drones can perform is greater than ever before.


For 2019, I’m pleased to be moderating a panel discussion targeted to those who have some experience of using drones within their security operations - or of sub-contracting drone services - and who want to understand how to get even more from these assets.


To learn more, please join me and a range of industry experts in the IFSEC 2019 Keynote Arena on Tuesday 18th June at 15:00 when we’ll be discussing the uses of unmanned aerial vehicles and how forward-thinking companies that take advantage of these technologies are likely to become leaders in the market. Our panel has broad expertise not only in hardware and sensor technology but also in security operations and legislation and procedures, giving you a thorough insight into how you can rise above the competition by using your drone assets in more applications.


If you are new to drones/UAVs or have only limited experience with operating them within a secure environment, you may find our other panel meets your needs more closely. Called “Unmanned Matters - the benefits of drone technology to your business”, this panel discussion will be on Wednesday 19th June at 12:15, also in the IFSEC 2019 Keynote Arena.



Barry Clack


Professional Drone Pilot


Box Cottage