Unmanned Matters - the benefits of drone technology to your business

One thing that came across loud and clear from visitors to the Drone Zone at IFSEC International 2018 was a strong demand for more information, advice and practical applications for UAVs - commonly referred to as drones - by the security sector. With PwC reporting that the global drone security marketplace has a potential value of over $10bn, it’s vital that organisations who can benefit from the technology adopt it sooner rather than later to take maximum advantage.


Last year visitors who spoke to our exhibitors and watched demonstrations were inspired by the potential cost savings and increased efficiency that drones could bring to their operations, but they wanted the chance to speak to more people “at the sharp end” of drone operation.


To meet this need, I’m pleased to say that this year at IFSEC International 2019, I’ll be moderating a panel discussion aimed squarely at those with limited or no knowledge of how using unmanned systems could benefit them. Called “Unmanned Matters”, the session will run from 12:15 to 12:45 on Wednesday 19th of June in the IFSEC Keynote Arena.


Joining me will be a range of industry experts with knowledge across hardware, legislation, operations and procedures. The panel will discuss all aspects of using drones in a security context, both for contractors and those who may benefit from running an in-house fleet.


We’ll not only discuss some concrete examples of how drones are improving performance and reducing cost, but also the real practicalities of introducing UAVs into your standard operating procedures. We’ll also look at the legal requirements for operating drones as part of your business, and also what you need to look for if you engage UAV contractors.


We’ll also cover how you can add detection and neutralisation of drone threats into your portfolio - particularly pertinent after recent incidents at Gatwick Airport and elsewhere. As well as protecting major infrastructure and securing large scale outdoor events from damaging unauthorised drone activity, the demand for drone detection and prevention is growing where concerns lie around the protection of privacy or for anti-surveillance uses.


In this introductory session, we won’t be able to touch on the recent technological advances that now mean unmanned platforms can carry with a wide range of sensors and other equipment beyond high definition cameras. If you’d like to find out more about how drones are fast becoming a vital tool for forward-thinking security businesses, then please join me for our second panel discussion, “UAV Technology - Securing the Future” from 15:00 to 15:30 on Tuesday 18th, also in the Keynote Arena.