Exclusively demonstrating the value of unifying physical and cyber security for 21st century threats, the Converged Security Centre returns to IFSEC International, 16-18 May 2023

This year’s Converged Security Centre partner will be Advancis, collaborating with several vendor partners such as Kaseware to showcase the benefits of open, integrated security management platforms. Visitors will have an opportunity to see, hear and experience the technology in real time and meet with the innovators and experts behind the technology.

The Converged Security Centre will give you an in-depth demonstration of how physical security and information technology fuses together to provide holistic solutions across a number of challenges. 

Expert consultants James Willison and Sarb Sembhi return and will be on hand to provide advice and offer a range of keynote presentations and panel debates about the use of the technology and how it will be a vital addition to the suite of options available to end-users and integrators.

Visit the Converged Security Centre in-person this May by securing your place at IFSEC International – register here!

When do Converged Security Centre sessions take place?

17 May Programme

Imagine a busy train station, trains are coming and going, passengers are on the move. Then your cameras see it. The abandoned suitcase on the platform. What happens next?

In this scenario, we’ll show you how the scene is being assessed from a control room perspective, having received the alarm of an abandoned bag via the integrated video analytics. Then using the CAD plans of the station, the cameras on site reveal still and streaming images, plus facial recognition for the last thirty minutes of passengers accessing and leaving the station, plus any background information from potentially coded social media posts which may indicate an imminent threat.

We’ll also show how, if the incident escalates, the area is locked down, access control is fully implemented, passengers are alerted and the emergency services notified. And when they arrive, they’ll receive a full report of every moment and step of the incident so they can assume full and informed control.


Jaspal Jandu, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer at Toyota Connected

Jaspal has vast experience in responding to global cyber incidents, which he will be bringing to this session.

On a large, sprawling university campus, a personal alarm is raised on a wearable or mobile device. The proverbial needle in the haystack and you need to geo-locate the potential victim immediately, alert your security team and lockdown the area if necessary. You’ll also need to alert the rest of the campus, provide efficient and swift evacuation instructions via voice alarm and variable message signs and alert the emergency services.

This scenario will accurately show how the methodical and analytical use of an efficient PSIM-based workflow will allow you to identify those at risk and potential perpetrators whilst simultaneously building a full picture of the situation to pass on to the authorities.


Professor Alison Wakefield, Co-Director of the Cybersecurity and Criminology Centre at the University of West London, and also a past Chair of the Security Institute

Alison brings a wealth of knowledge
through her work with industry and academia.

Data is ruling the world, it’s now one of the most fundamentally important assets for business, government and media. Managing data centres is a challenge from cyber threats through to efficient integrated building management systems.

This scenario will show how a fully fledged PSIM solution links with a third party building system to flag when a data rack is showing signs of overheating and showing a temperature alert. It will then need to be managed via environmental controls and ensure the fire detection and suppression systems are on standby should the scenario escalate to dangerous proportions.


Alan Jenkins, Cyber Security Advisor

Alan has worked with some of the largest respected enterprises as well as advised cyber security start-ups. He has been a great advocate of Converged Security for many years.

18 May Programme

Protecting public health has taken on a whole new dimension in the past couple of years with healthcare assets placed in extreme and exhausting situations. The flow of people entering and exiting our hospitals has at times reached overwhelming proportions with the new added challenges of a highly infectious virus to contend with.

This scenario will show how a PSIM workflow which assesses and manages human movement and behaviours can keep a busy healthcare environment safe and secure. With new innovations in thermal imaging to detect infection, coupled with touchless access control we will show how a broad overview can help to manage staff and patients in highly challenging circumstances. 


Mo Ahddoud, former Chief Information Security Officer at an energy supplier

Mo will be bringing his vast experience of the UK’s critical infrastructure to shed light on the importance of Convergence on Incident Response.

The insider threat applies to many different organisations but for this scenario we’ll focus on a financial institution such as a bank. This is the scene: a mislaid or stolen door entry card is used in an unauthorised access attempt which means a stranger is now at large in the building.

Using every asset at your disposal, you’ll see how the PSIM platform will be able to provide you with a
full picture of the intruder, how they gained access, where they’ve moved in the building and any activities they’ve performed. In addition, with
integration into other business systems to further understand if those systems are being accessed, then alerting your security team via their phones which will include SMS notifications and images of the intruder.

You can also seamlessly disable the compromised credential in question which means the access control functions are locked and let the verified owner know that their card has been used so they need to report to the security team. All of this can be archived and a full report generated to track the movements and interventions as and when they happen.


Jason Shaw, Security Technologist & Associate Director at AECOM

Jason brings his experiences of intelligent building technologies and has contributed to upcoming IoT Security Foundation guidance.

Now that we’re all moving about again, visiting our favourite spaces and congregating en masse, the security challenges instantly increase. This scenario will look at how a fully-fledged integrated security management system will assess people movement, behaviours and possible threats. This scenario will accurately show how the methodical and analytical use of an efficient PSIM based workflow will allow you to identify potential perpetrators whilst simultaneously building a full picture of the situation to pass on to the authorities. It will also show how an integrated surveillance network on a wider scale using multiple assets and systems will converge to provide a panoramic picture of the occurring incident.

19 May Programme

Showing a truly unique integration with a SCADA system and data, this scenario will reveal how a PSIM platform can respond to an industrial or manufacturing installation showing signs of trouble. Imagine an oil refinery, nuclear power station or a manufacturing plant whereby a vital component has been sabotaged or is malfunctioning to a dangerous level. The pressures are rising, the system is overheating and you’re in danger of the whole asset suffering a major rupture or outage.

We’ll show you how to monitor the danger levels, reveal how the system is performing via the SCADA data, prepare for an evacuation of staff, alert the emergency services, employ remedial action such as pressure management and extraction. It will be a fascinating study of how integrated technologies will manage a dangerous situation in real time whilst delivering vital data about what went wrong and how to avoid a similar outcome in the future. 


Nigel Stanley, Director of Cybersecurity/Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity at Jacobs

Nigel has experience across all industry sectors through his consultancy work and then with the TÜV Rheinland Group.

Here's what industry experts have to say about the converged security centre:

We are delighted to be part of the Converged Security Centre for IFSEC 2022. With WinGuard, our Open PSIM platform, we will be showcasing how the latest physical & cyber security technologies can converge to provide a control centre with more meaningful information, enabling operators to make more informed decisions, increasing situational awareness, security and the safety of people and assets.”

Richard McClellan, Commercial Director, Advancis UK

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Converged Security Centre at IFSEC 2022 where we will be working with Advancis, Kaseware and other cyber physical security solutions and listening to the perspectives of senior physical and cyber security professionals in an educational theatre. Here you can meet with your colleagues and together understand how to better protect your organisation and people from online and physical attacks.”

James Willison, Founder, Unified Security Ltd and Sarb Sembhi, CTO and CISO, Virtually Informed

Interview with James Willison: The convergence of physical and cyber security

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