From smart cameras to AI trackers, exhibitors promise to flood the floor with innovation at IFSEC International.  


SightLogix – exclusive product launch | STAND IF3215

The SightTracker PTZ is being announced globally for the first time at IFSEC International; an AI-based, smart intruder tracker that follows detected targets as they move throughout a site, repositioning at speeds that have not been seen before with other PTZs, delivering critically important situational awareness over large perimeters and outdoor sites. 

 SightLogix is also showcasing its international smart thermal camera line:

  • SightSensor GT is a smart thermal camera for detecting intruders at perimeters and outdoor areas with outstanding detection performance
  • SightSensor GTC is a smart thermal camera for detecting intruders at perimeters and outdoor areas with outstanding detection performance, with the added benefit of HD colour visible


Terracom – exclusive product launch | STAND IF2630

Terracom is launching an Issue Management functionality for its QR-Patrol and MyLoneWorkers products that will take incident and issue reporting a step further and manage it in its entire life cycle, until resolution and closure.

The idea is to help companies be proactive and more efficient in day-to-day operations, which will also save them time and eventually lead to cost saving.

A spokesperson said: “We have focused on giving more ways of safeguarding people through our new Safepass functionality, which consists of SOS alerts and communication for dangerous situations. Transparency and enhanced decision making have also been a priority to us; we have invested in new reports using Mobile Forms data coming directly from the field to recognize patterns and reduce incidents, created productivity metrics and efficiency reports and also integrated our systems with MS Power BI to give more flexibility to companies that already use it.”


LINEV Systems  – new product showcase | STAND IF5017

LV Systems is showcasing the Proteus 6045 Baggage Scanner, Batteray Battery scanner and FLOWD PPE equipment scanner. Proteus is for anyone who needs industry-leading scan images of mail, parcels, baggage and other items to look for threats, whether that be for public buildings, events, stadiums or Government facilities. It detects threats and deters future threats, making the place it is installed safer and more secure. It is also very easy and quick to use and doesn’t slow down throughput.


Beamagine – exclusive product launch | STAND IF3237

L3CA is Beamagine’s first official product and IFSEC will be its first ever commercial viewing.  

A spokesperson explained: “L3CAM is an advanced perception unit including 3D imaging, RGB and thermal imaging modes. The system includes a computer which fuses all the data modes so one can shift from one mode to another swiftly. This is relevant as far as it enables the user to apply detection software (e.g. of pedestrians) simultaneously in all the imaging modes, and thus you can remove most false alarms of automated security centrals. This also takes the pain out of software developers who want reliable data while keeping focused in their software development, not having to get involved in hardware adjustments.” 


MyTAG – new product showcase | STAND IF3200

MyTAG has made significant enhancements to its Proof of Presence solution for security patrols, which allow patrols to be viewed in real-time on maps. The solution integrates with the new MyTAG Daily Occurrence Log, for incident reporting and analysis.

MyTAG Proof of Identity is a patented secure ID card solution, which cannot be copied or cloned, due to an NFC tag on each card. All information is held in the cloud, so can be updated without the need to issue a new card. It can also be used with the MyAcademy e-learning solution.

MyTAG Proof of Compliance is finding new applications in ensuring building fire safety. The NFC tags allow auditable records of fire safety checks, with information accessible remotely. MyTAG’s fire safety solution also includes an electronic fire safety equipment asset register, digital document library and digital Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS).


Securesoft – exclusive product launch | STAND IF2449
Securesoft has launched the SIA Control Room since Covid, an operations and performance management command and control platform for private security companies in the UK and this will be on display at FIREX for the very first time.

Comprising of a web-based platform and mobile workflow app, SIA Control Room offers the following features: 

  • Terror Threat Alert Updates
  • Real Time Guard Alerts/Notifications
  • Security Licence Renewal Management
  • Lone Worker Voice Messaging
  • Digital Assignment Instructions
  • Security Officer Vetting
  • Health & Safety Risk Assessments
  • Operations Calendar Management
  • Live Dashboard
  • Static/Mobile Reporting with Time Stamp & Multi-Media Capability
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Guard Tour Solution (NFC Tags & QR Codes)
  • Dynamic Tracking & Geo-Tags
  • Client Portal
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Payroll
  • Leave of Absence Management
  • Scheduling Wizard (Static and Mobile Runs)
  • Assignment Creation Wizard
  • Dedicated Messaging
  • Out of Hours On-Call Contact Management
  • Client Monthly Performance Scorecard


Squick – new product showcase | STAND IF2430

Squick has launched on-demand delivery for the fire and security industry, which means fire and security parts can now be delivered to the site in minutes. Think of it as the Uber Eats or Deliveroo of the fire and security industry.


Paxton – new product showcase | STAND IF4210

Paxton will launch its newest system Paxton10 at IFSEC international and will be offering live demos, as well showcasing the latest functionality of Net2, Entry, PaxLocks, and its suite of mobile apps. 

Andy Edwards, Paxton’s Technical Support Manager, said: “We have helped crucial sites to operate in a Covid-secure way by offering new features in our flagship systems Net2 and Paxton10. Those updates, and assisting our installers to implement them, have been vital in keeping people safer, and provide useful functionality after the pandemic ends.”


PINTEL – new product showcase | STAND IF4245

PINTEL will launch new technology that detects objects with high-speed in high-resolution frame through bitstream information generated during CCTV encode. This technology is certified by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea as a NET (new excellent technology).

PINTEL will also display demonstrations of PREVAX 2.0 software and videos of actual software being applied in Korea. PREVAX 2.0 is a software with various functions in transportation and safety. Various videos will make it easier for customers to understand how to use the software.


Texecom – exclusive product launches | STAND IF2610

Texecom will launch its ‘Capture’ motion sensors at IFSEC, which promise to take motion detection to a new level, with grade 2/3, wired/wireless and wall/ceiling mount options available to meet all your detection needs.
The team is also showcasing Texecom Monitor, its primary alarm signalling service that integrates with the Premier Elite systems and existing Texecom Cloud Service. These are aimed at professional alarm installers that serve commercial/industrial/premium residential/critical infrastructure markets.


Toshiba – showcasing upgraded products | STAND IF2632

Toshiba will be showcasing its S300 and S300 Pro Surveillance Hard Drives and the MG Series Enterprise Capacity Hard Drives. The team has enhanced the S300 and S300 Pro Surveillance Hard Drive ranges and expanded its capacity offerings as well as providing CMR and SMR options. It has also launched the 18TB version of its MG Series Enterprise Capacity Hard Drive and will soon be announcing the launch of a higher capacity product.


M2M Services – exclusive product launch | STAND IF4020

M2M Services will have the pleasure to introduce the newest product in our portfolio - the IoT SMART HUB. The device is designed to suit the needs of professional alarm companies to seamlessly add features and upsell services to end customers. The HUB works as an extension to an M2M universal alarm communicator, connecting via USB. It will support WiFi, Onvif and Z-Wave devices and will not require an additional power supply. It can be controlled via iOS and Android mobile apps.

Make sure you do not miss the product’s live demo at STAND IF4020! 

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