Hanwha Techwin Europe

Hanwha Techwin Europe offers robust and reliable video surveillance products and solutions which are designed to meet the current and future needs of security professionals.


Their Korean heritage and their core values of Challenge, Loyalty and Integrity drive them to be the ‘Best of Best’ and they look to move with trust’ in everything they do.


Trust in their partners

In addition to producing quality products and solutions, they are determined to demonstrate the trust they have in their distribution and technology partners. They respect and highly value their expertise and the vital contribution they make to the supply chain, for the benefit of their end-user customers.


Trust in their cyber security

They remain vigilant to ensure their Wisenet cameras, recording devices and software entrusted to protect property, people and assets are equipped to minimise the threat from cyber attacks. They have a sustained testing and monitoring programme designed to identify evolving new threats and they always move quickly to develop further advanced versions of their firmware when necessary.


Trust in their quality and service

Nothing is more important to them than having satisfied customers who trust the Wisenet brand, which is why they are passionate about offering unbeatable pre and post sales support.


5 Years warranty

They reward the trust which STEP Partners have placed in Hanwha Techwin and their solutions. Silver, Gold and Diamond level STEP Partners benefit from their enhanced 5 year Warranty Program which covers parts and labour on all Wisenet IP cameras and NVRs, with the exception of zoom/focus functionality, pan/tilt motor assemblies, slip-rings and HDDs, which remain at 3 years.

These are just some of the many ways in which they are striving to build a reputation for being a brand which can be trusted to be the single source provider of high performance, end-to-end video surveillance solutions.