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Download: A Technical Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

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Watch: The consequences of badly specified and fitted fire doors – plus 5 tips for getting it right

Produced by the BWF Certifire Fire Door Scheme, this video shows footage of a live fire door test, pitting a fully compliant fire door against a badly fitted equivalent. Read More

Shocking levels of neglect and complacency among ‘responsible persons’ reported by fire installers

More than a third of installers report that up to 80% of sites they visit don’t comply with fire safety regulations, research from Hochiki Europe has revealed. Read More

Grenfell inquiry begins: The numbers that lay bare the funding crisis hampering high-rise improvements

As the public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire finally begins, the recommendations that emerge will hopefully be heeded more […] Read More

6 Things you need to know about FIM Expo

The industry is evolving and there are plenty of brand-new products that can make your job easier and more cost-effective. FIM Expo takes place Wednesday 4 October, Glasgow Science Centre. Read More

A rough guide to fire extinguisher servicing and the service-free model

What the latest guidance says on how often you should service your fire extinguishers and what it entails; how to choose a competent servicing company; and a new brand of extinguishers, 'P50', that promises an alternative to annual servicing contracts. Read More

Fire safety in prisons: When theory and practice slip their handcuffs

“Inspecting a prison isn’t an al a carte menu where they can decide what parts of the prison they want to inspect, such as food or cleanliness, but ignore fire safety,” says Mark Leech, editor of the Prisons Handbook. Read More

If only our prisons really were like hotels: How ‘Crown immunity’ is hobbling efforts to improve fire safety in the HM Prison Service

In June 2014 Peter Kimberley, the owner of the New Kimberley Hotel in Blackpool, was jailed for 18 months and ordered […] Read More

Our 10-day campaign for a stronger, faster response to the lessons of Grenfell

Fire Safe Europe, which says the European Commission has not risen to the challenges exposed by the worst UK fire disaster in living memory, is taking the fight to Brussels itself. Read More

Healthcare fire safety: The innovation that outperforms conventional smoke detectors on false alarms and early detection

More sophisticated smoke detection technology is lowering costs, offering earlier detection and reducing disruption during healthcare inspections and testing. Read More

Bull Products to give Fire 360° customers detailed risk report

Users of the Fire 360° service from Bull Products will now receive a detailed risk report that explores potential risks and hazards ahead of work on construction sites. Read More