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November 25, 2019

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The Intruder Alarm Report 2020

Product News

Inner range adds biometric functionality to Inception

Inner Range Inception biometricsUsers of the Inner Range Inception system can now use biometric credentials to gain entry, as well as traditional access cards.

Facial recognition, fingerprint scans and iris scans can all now be used as access credentials and this allows for more advanced security configurations for clients. For example, during office hours users could present either a face scan, or card or PIN to access a building but after-hours facial recognition is revoked and users must present both a card and PIN.

Inception users can also present virtual credentials on their mobile phones via a REST API protocol (version 4) to gain entry, in another addition to the system.

For additional customisation, customers can add their own branding and logos to the system.

Security managers can freeze credentials if they are lost or stolen, as well as marked inactive so they cannot be used. If a rogue user attempts to use the credentials, the system withholds access and notifies the system manager.

Tim Northwood, General Manager of Inner Range, said: “Biometrics and mobile phones are increasingly being used instead of, or alongside, access cards so we’ve updated our powerful, yet budget-friendly entry level system, Inception, to incorporate them. We don’t think you need a very large or complex system to benefit from these new technologies and we’re delighted to open up the possibilities for Inception users.”

The rising role of IT in physical access control

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Rising Role of IT in Physical

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