Barbour: Security and COVID-19 director’s briefing

When the security of an orqanisation is compromised, the outcome can be significant: loss of, and damage to, property, plant and equipment, business interruption, loss of data and harm to personnel or others. Having good security measures in place can help to protect the company’s business, its people, its assets and reputation.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, security risks have only evolved. Plans that are put in place must be flexible, since the situation often changes quickly, and will be led by government response. Security policies and procedures should be reviewed throughout to ensure that they are fit for purpose. Homeworking, for example, has resulted in a change of policy for many security operations.

This Director’s Briefing for Security and COVID-19 covers:

  • What are the key risks associated with security?
  • How should risks be managed?
  • Security and COVID-19
  • Security and homeworking
  • COVID-19 risk assessments
  • Case studies

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