TrendReport-PACSHidGlobal-20The State of Physical Access Control in EMEA Businesses – 2020 Report

The physical access control market is moving fast. To ensure the safety and security of employees and assets, businesses must ensure they are not left behind when it comes to their technology choice that allows occupants to physically move in, out and around their sites. More efficient, secure and integrated solutions now take advantage of mobile technology, and form a crucial piece of the ‘smart building puzzle’.

To support security professionals, IFSEC Global has produced its latest trend report on the state of physical access control in EMEA businesses. The report, sponsored and put together in conjunction with access control specialist, HID Global, reveals the thoughts and opinions of security and facility managers and directors throughout EMEA.

Written from the focused responses of over 150 end-users at the front-end of their operations, analysis also comes from experts in the sector at HID Global. Respondents work across a wide range of industries, including government, education, real estate, telecommunications, banking and healthcare.

Ultimately, it asks whether the industry is receptive to the security and ‘ease of use’ benefits of more integrated, IP-based and mobile friendly access control solutions. What are the common challenges faced? What solutions may help to overcome these? And where do end-users ultimately see the benefits of future technologies?

Topics covered

  • The current state of physical access control in EMEA businesses
  • Access control upgrade plans: when, what and why?
  • Requirements for future upgrades: challenges and requirements
  • The benefits of upgrading for businesses – what can a more evolved system bring to your security management system?
  • Evolving trends set to shape the physical access control industry: the move to mobile, greater integration and smart buildings

IFSEC Global and HID Global would like to thank all those who contributed to the report’s findings.

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This report is sponsored by HID Global. 





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