Safe Cities

What exactly is a safe city? How does the industry work with government and emergency services to deliver safer, secure and sustainable cities?

Key elements of a Safe City include:

  • Integrated system – a shared infrastructure with common sensors connected by a shared network. Evolved from a disparate set of sensors with no interoperability.
  • Multi Agency collaboration – Moving beyond shared infrastructure to sharing intelligence, operational procedures and planning. For example, in the event of a disaster how does communication work, who takes direction from who.
  • Situational awareness – Real time information, with traffic data, sensor positions, resource locations, weather and other intelligence
  • Video data & analytics – information collated from an array of city sensors and databases combined with video analytics, LPR, face recognition, behavioural analysis
  • Automated processes – all camera information is generated on one screen, alerts are registered, and the right operational procedure is generated

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