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February 2, 2018

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Umbo Computer Vision’s SmartBullet camera strengthens intrusion detection with AI

Umbo Computer Vision has launched SmartBullet, a network camera that identifies intruders more quickly using artificial intelligence.

The self-learning camera is designed to protect businesses, public spaces and critical infrastructure by analysing footage to identify and raise alerts concerning activities suggestive of intrusions and break-ins.

Umbo Computer Vision, a startup provider of autonomous video security technology, says the bullet-style variant of its learning cameras is for businesses, integrators and governments looking for autonomous video security capabilities and a simple end-to-end user experience.

The camera records, tracks and receives more accurate notifications when intruders have entered a property, climbed a wall, crossed a border, or exhibited other suspicious behaviour. The higher rate of accuracy provides alerts that are more likely to be based on genuinely suspicious activity.


  • Businesses in high crime areas
  • Critical infrastructure
  • School campuses
  • Transportation systems
  • Public venues


  • Rugged. Full-metal armour. Design is rated IK10 for high impact resistance
  • SmartBullet delivers better resolutions and higher frame rates than Umbo’s earlier model, SmartDome. Higher quality streams mean better results when Umbo Light, the company’s visual intelligence computer vision service, is active
  • Two-way audio and zooming capabilities to boost data capture
  • Adaptive design is configurable to customers’ specific needs. They could, for instance, have an LED torch for floodlight illumination and infrared (IR) for visibility up to 160 feet

Umbo Computer Vision says

“To date, the majority of security cameras on the market are lacking high video resolution, data processing capabilities or have weak exteriors,” says Shawn Guan, CEO at Umbo Computer Vision.

“SmartBullet is the perfect solution to this market-wide problem. It is capable of processing more streams at better resolutions and adaptive, transformative design makes it right for all sorts of different environments.”

Pricing and availability

SmartBullet is shipping now. Pricing is available on request.


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