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March 2, 2012

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Songs About Security: Estonia

Every day, the fine police officers of our United Kingdom put themselves in harm’s way to maintain law and order across towns, cities, suburbs and neighbourhoods.

In a society where the moral compass doesn’t always appear to be pointing in the right direction, they do their level best to deter crime and help us all to lead a safer life.

Their bravery often comes at a price, though, and sometimes that price is too much to bear.

This week, fulsome tributes have poured in – and quite rightly so – for PC David Rathband, the 44-year old policeman and father-of-two who was shot and blinded by Raoul Moat in July 2010 and has now been found dead at his Northumberland home in what is an utter tragedy. It’s believed PC Rathband took his own life.

Speaking to The Guardian yesterday, Prime Minister David Cameron described Rathband as “an extraordinarily brave man”, while Home Secretary Theresa May has referred to “a brave and fine policeman”.

Heart of gold

Not only a fabulous police officer, Rathband was a fine man. Subsequent to the horrific incident he had to endure, PC Rathband took it upon himself to work on behalf of several charities, fellow officers also injured in the line of duty and for those families who have lost loved ones working assiduously to defend our society.

The song was written after Marillion’s lead singer Steve ‘h’ Hogarth met Paul Barney, the only British survivor from the ferry Estonia which sank in the Baltic Sea back in September 1994, in turn killing close on 900 people.

I’m a huge Marillion fan – they’re my favourite band of all time alongside Iron Maiden. Whenever they play this track live you look around the audience and there’s barely a dry eye in the house as people remember the loved ones they’ve lost through the years.

“And you would give everything, Give up everything, Offer your life blood away, For yesterday…”

The sublime lyrics then really hit home: “No-one leaves you, When you live in their heart and mind, And no-one dies, They just move to the other side…”

Comments from ACPO and The Police Federation

Speaking about PC David Rathband, ACPO president Sir Hugh Orde said: “The death of PC David Rathband is deeply sad news for the service. He was an officer who personified the values of British policing, showing the utmost bravery when faced with danger in the line of duty. Following his ordeal, PC Rathband’s courage and passion to help others through his charitable work inspired many. The thoughts of the whole police family will be with his colleagues and family at this difficult time.”

Paul McKeever, chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, commented: “I’m extremely saddened by the tragic news about the death of PC David Rathband. The thoughts of police officers across the country are with David’s wife, children, family, friends and colleagues as they struggle to come to terms with this devastating loss. David was a remarkable man who sacrificed a great deal for his communities and his family. He exemplified the very best of British policing and had the respect of all those who knew or worked alongside him. David will be sorely missed but never forgotten.”

RIP PC David Rathband. All of us at UBM’s Security and Fire Portfolio salute you and your magnificent colleagues in the emergency services.

And we say Thank You for doing ‘The Job’.

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