The video surveillance report 2019

The capabilities of video surveillance systems are being transformed by fundamental shifts in how digital data is gathered, analysed, shared and stored. Security cameras are already playing a key role in the drive to smarter cities and burgeoning industrial internet of things.

The ramifications for the business models of installers and integrators are no less seismic.

The Video Surveillance Report 2019 examines several paradigm shifts transforming the potential of network cameras and associated hardware and software. The cloud, AI, face recognition and the impact of Brexit on surveillance projects are among the topics covered.

Sponsored by IDIS, the report’s fifth annual edition is based on a survey of hundreds of professionals involved in the supply chain for physical security systems. Installers, integrators, consultants, facilities managers and heads of security departments were among those who shared their opinions, perceptions and experiences of video surveillance technologies.

Topics include:

  1. The cloud
  2. Facial recognition
  3. AI and deep learning
  4. Analytics at the edge
  5. Cybersecurity
  6. Impact of US Huawei ban on procurement/specification preferences globally
  7. From HD resolution to redundancy failover: the impact of camera innovations
  8. Impact of Brexit on video surveillance projects

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