Security On Screen

Security On Screen brings you the same breaking news coverage and expert commentary that you have become accustomed to plus the depth of discussion you expect from the Security Industry Group.

 Presented by longstanding International Security Industry Publisher, Peter Mawson (CCTV Image Magazine/Professional Security Magazine/Security Middle East  Magazine / /SecurityNewsDesk  /SecureView Magazine)  they offer organic and targeted delivery of security industry news and share high value content with our community and beyond.

They own and manage the private, Security Industry Group who are the largest community of Security Professionals on LinkedIn. Enjoying over 129,000 individuals in the main group and with over ten subgroups, their total LinkedIn reach is well over 200,000+ security professionals. This means you can be sure your news will influence those that count in the international security sector.

Security On Screen acquired the longstanding community, originally established in 2008 in April of 2022.

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