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Architects Often Overlook Construction Workers’ Fire Safety: Fire-Safety Professional

Fire-safety professional Andrew Furness reflects on his Olympics involvement, how construction workers aren’t afforded the same protection as occupants of completed buildings and why the UK needs more sprinklers. Former firefighter Furness founded Salvus Consulting Ltd 15 years ago in recognition of the need for more integration between fire safety and health and safety services. Salvus Consulting provides consultancy services and tailored, […]
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Cannabis Factory Exposed by Birmingham Fire

A fire that triggered the closure of one of Birmingham’s busiest roads has led police to a cannabis factory. Firefighters were called to the blaze in a parade of shops in South Yardley, South Birmingham on Monday. The A45 was closed to allow firefighters to use a hydraulic platform. Police found 75 cannabis plants in […]
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Fire Service Cuts Felt as Response Times Rise in Capital

Despite the closure of some 10 fire stations last year and the loss of 550 firefighters’ jobs more London wards are achieving six-minute target response time for the first fire engine’s arrival. But if that seems counter-intuitive then new data given to London Assembly members also revealed that the average response time for the city has […]
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Download Infographic-Based FIA Reports 2014

More than one in three (37%) fire-safety businesses have reported an increase in tenders requiring third-party certification, according to the Fire Industry Association's (FIA) third Market Condition Review.
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Customised Fire Points Launched by Bull Products

Customers can specify the size of their stand or trolley – for instance, making it small enough to fit through a narrow doorway - then choose fire equipment and alarms before adding necessary safety signage and company names and logos.
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Dubai Fire Testing Lab: A Case Study

Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants (TBWIC) is a privately held engineering firm providing independent quality assurance and testing services from its laboratory based in Dubai.
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Government Signals Further Integration of Blue Light Services

Home Secretary Theresa May has sounded a warning that the fire, ambulance and police services will have to share even more functions and operations to save money. In a speech on police reform made to the Reform think tank the Home Secretary mooted further merging of the ‘blue light’ services as the UK’s tries to shrink a large deficit and […]
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Every Fire System Designer Should Have a Little Black Book

Designing an effective fire detection and alarm system is not an easy task – that’s why it would be handy to have just the right amount of information in one place. A Little Black Book, for instance, that would instantly rescue someone searching for the right detector for a particularly challenging environment or unsure which […]
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Shout it Out: PAVA Systems are the Voice of Fire Safety

It’s an awkward truth that when fire alarms sound many people stay put and wait to see what those around them do, even in small buildings. Indeed, Notifier research found that while most people said they expected to hear a bell in the event of fire, only 13% would respond. In fact, more than a quarter […]
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Fire Door Safety Week: Don’t Forget Your Emergency Exit Doors too!

Although final exits doors are not fire doors in the true sense, they are very important in the ultimate evacuation of a building during a fire. I know I’m stating the obvious here, but for good reason: we’ve encountered final exit doors during our site inspection work or fire-risk assessment audits where the door is locked […]
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IFSEC & OSH Arabia to Showcase FIA Export Council-backed FIREX Pavilion

IFSEC & OSH Arabia serves the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) as the leading event connecting the top security, safety and fire purchasers in an industrial security market worth over $4 billion annually. More than 5,000 attendees recognise the show as a destination where commercial and government buyers, professionals from across Saudi Arabia, will gather […]
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Supported Housing Fire & Co Safety Solutions from Aico

Supported Housing is a term used to describe residential solutions for vulnerable people to maintain their dignity, be part of a community and maintain their independence in a safe environment. This means that their homes may require adaptation to accommodate these needs – that includes the need of being safe from fire or Carbon Monoxide […]
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