residential care

Smoke control study focuses on fire safety in residential care buildings

Warringtonfire has completed a smoke control study, the second in a series of three studies aimed at helping to better protect those in residential care. Read More

New fire safety guides introduced in Scotland

Multiple new fire safety guides have been introduced in Scotland, including practical guidance for existing high-rise domestic buildings. Read More

French EHPAD care home puts its trust in SMARTair wireless access control

Residential care homes often find a major renovation is the ideal time to upgrade or replace an outdated access system, whether based on mechanical keys or an obsolete wired technology. Read More

Video surveillance for today’s seniors

Jagger Esch, president and CEO of Elite Insurance Partners LLC, offers outlines some less invasive forms of video monitoring for the care home sector. Read More

Care home fire in Hertfordshire kills two elderly residents

The fire that broke out in a residential home in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, killed two women, aged 91 and 89. Read More

Blocked fire exits lead to £100,000 fine for care home

Also in our fire news roundup, fire engulfs another Dubai skyscraper and an update on another blaze near Chessington World of Adventures. Read More

How to secure care homes and their residents in the 21st century

There's no trade-off between simplicity and security with SMARTair: a wireless, user-friendly solution that is already trusted in residences all over Europe. Read More

5 care home operators that lived to regret their fire safety negligence

A number of punitive fines handed down since the Regulatory Reform Order came into force in 2005 have shown that neglecting fire safety can be expensive as well as putting life and property in danger. Read More

Fire Door Safety Week 2016 to focus on HMOs, care homes and social housing

The award-winning campaign, which runs from 26 September to 2 October, has announced events that include a commemoration of the Great Fire of London, which gave rise to the concept of a fire door. Read More

BRE Global Introduces the First Watermist Standard for the Residential and Care Homes Sectors

Find out how LPS 1655, the latest Loss Prevention Standard from BRE Global, defines requirements and test methods for LPCB third-party approval and listing of Personal Protection Watermist Systems. Read More

Sector Spotlight: Fire Safety in Care Homes

Dave Sibert of the FBU and Nick Coombe of the LFB offer their thoughts on a sector where slow evacuation times make fire-safety management particularly challenging. Read More

Rosepark Care Home Tragedy: Have the Lessons Been Learned?

We asked three fire-safety experts for their views more than a decade since 14 elderly residents needlessly lost their lives. Read More

Rosepark Care Home Loophole Still Possible Under RRO

I read with interest here last week that the loophole that enabled the Rosepark Care Home owners to escape prosecution […] Read More

Rosepark Care Home Fire Bill to Pass Lords

A bill tabled in the House of Lords in order to close the loophole that enabled the owners of the […] Read More

Care home fined for fire safety breaches

The owners of a care home in Kendray, Barnsley, have had to pay more than £11,000 in fines and costs […] Read More

Lessons from the Rosepark care home tragedy

The Rosepark care home fire in 2004 in which 14 people died was the worst fire in a care home […] Read More


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