Cyber Security

2024 trends in physical security and critical communications

A new in-depth report by analysts at Omdia outlines trends to watch out for in the year ahead. Omdia’s report […] Read More

Government launches cyber-resiliency inquiry

The government has opened an inquiry into the UK’s critical national infrastructure to assess its cyber-resiliency. Read More

Cybersecurity concerns continue to rise among physical security professionals, new research shows

Nearly a third of end-users said that their organisations were targeted by cyber threats, according to new research. Read More

More organisations to benefit from National Cyber Security Centre’s cyber incident response scheme

Ron Alalouff reports on the expansion of the NCSC’s cyber incident response scheme to provide a two-tier system for victim organisations. Read More

ICO issues warning over smart devices collecting personal data

The ICO has announced a crackdown on connected devices, with action to be taken against manufacturers who fail data security obligations. Read More

Perimeter fencing manufacturer hit by cyber-attack

News that perimeter fencing manufacturer, Zaun Ltd., was the subject of a cyber-attack by global ransomware group, LockBit, in August. Read More

Research finds low level of trust for IoT device security

The research found that while societies are becoming increasingly digitally connected, there remains a lack of trust in IoT security. Read More

What’s a Converged Security Centre all about?

Find out why organisations should be bringing their cyber and physical security platforms together into a converged security centre solution. Read More

ONVIF introduces release candidate for first add-on for secure communications

ONVIF has introduced the TLS Configuration Add-on (Release Candidate) for secure communications between devices and clients. Read More

Bringing balance to security risk management – “Let’s fix the wobbly chair!”

George Dionisopoulos explains why a balanced approach to security risk management is essential to ensuring resilience in your organisation. Read More

Hikvision responds to BBC Panaroma investigation on cyber security vulnerabilities

Hikvision has refuted claims made by the BBC Panorama investigation team about cyber security vulnerabilities found in one of its cameras. Read More

Businesses given April 2024 deadline to comply with UK Product Security Act

Businesses impacted by the UK’s Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Act will need to comply by 29 April 2024. Read More

Taking a proactive approach to protecting physical security systems from cyber-attacks

Three pieces of advice for physical security professionals looking to protect their systems and devices from cyber-attacks. Read More

How can Converged Security Centres contribute to the prevention and monitoring of crime in public spaces

Exploring the role of a converged security operation centre in protecting smart cities and preventing crime. Read More

Inclusion and diversity need to be a priority in cyber security, experts warn

The Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) has called for greater equality, inclusion and diversity in cyber security. Read More

How do you protect access management systems in a connected environment? With a converged security centre of course…

Exploring how converged security centres are essential in protecting physical and IT access management solutions in a connected environment. Read More


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2024 trends in physical security and critical communications

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