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Watch firefighting robot tanks in action as Chinese fire service showcases new arsenal

Chinese authorities have released footage of fire-fighting robots taking part in an enormous fire drill at its ancient Forbidden City. Read More

BAFE scheme revamp on fire extinguisher maintenance now open to consultation

BAFE invited feedback on proposed changes to the SP101/ST104 scheme, which pertains to the competence of technicians who maintain fire extinguishers. Read More

5 fire-safety innovations showcased at CES 2017

A hearing aid that connects to smoke alarms via Wi-Fi and a smart oven that turns itself off to cut fire risk were among the innovations on show at the world's biggest consumer electronics event. Read More

CES 2017: Airthings Wave detects deadly radon gas that causes more deaths than house fires and C02 poisoning combined

Airthings Wave, which is being showcased for the first time at CES 2017, alerts householders to the presence of a gas that is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Read More

CES 2017 sneak preview: Oven that prevents fires and false alarms set to be unveiled by GE Appliances

A smart oven that turns itself off when it detects fire or smoke is being showcased at the world’s biggest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. Read More

Trends in evacuation tech and strategy you might see in 2017: adapting technology to fit the environment

John Robb, marketing director at Eaton, surveys the landscape and thinks voice alarm systems and dynamic exit sign technology will grow in importance. Read More

Our most read articles on fire safety of 2016

Merry Christmas and welcome to our roundup of IFSEC Global's most-read fire safety articles of the year. Read More

Smart fire appliances: how IoT technologies could cut maintenance costs and optimise incident response

Fire appliances have been equipped with IoT tech that could cut the lifetime cost of vehicle ownership and accelerate average incident response times. Read More

Coopers Fire launches Smokestop Concertina smoke curtain

Coopers Fire has launched a multi-sided smoke curtain that negates requirement for columns, corner posts, side guides and intrusive ceiling interfaces. Read More

ASFP to prioritise construction guidance in 2017

The ASFP has revealed plans to focus on improving guidance on passive fire protection throughout the construction process in 2017. Read More

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