Critical national infrastructure

Why digital locking solutions improve your ROI in critical infrastructure protection

In today's world, using digital locks is crucial for protecting important infrastructure. These modern solutions blend technology and security to give better control over access, leading to more value for the investment and stronger protection. Read More

Critical infrastructure protection: addressing key pain points in physical security for 2024

In this article, we explore how rapid evolution in the physical security and access control landscape, driven by global trends and customer pain points in critical infrastructure, shapes innovative solutions. Read More

Radar cameras used to protect National Grid CNI site

Obsidian Security works with National Grid to encompass a Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) site with almost 10 miles of fenceline and borders facing open water, to protect the site’s perimeter and detect potential intrusion. Read More

Safeguarding critical infrastructure: the dynamic duo of mobile credentials and cybersecurity

Dive into this article to grasp the importance of crucial cybersecurity layers—from encryption to authentication and authorization—shaping the future of resilient critical infrastructure protection in a digitalized world. Read More

Podcast: Episode 17 – Securing critical national infrastructure sites: The road to digitalisation

Listen as we explore the challenging environment of securing critical national infrastructure, and the major trends ahead for the sector. Read More

Batteries in keyless solutions – Threat or opportunity in critical infrastructure protection?

Here, we will explore battery-powered locking solutions and examine the potential risks and advantages they present. Read More

Government launches cyber-resiliency inquiry

The government has opened an inquiry into the UK’s critical national infrastructure to assess its cyber-resiliency. Read More

UK expertise in transport security outlined in Government Defence brochure

In an initiative from UK Defence and Security Exports, part of the Department for Business and Trade, the UK Government has launched a brochure on the UK’s offering to improve the security of transport networks. Read More

UK expertise in securing critical national infrastructure outlined in UK Defence brochure

The UK Government has launched a brochure outlining its security industry expertise in protecting critical national infrastructure (CNI). Read More

Checklist for companies: Aspects to consider before moving to a digital access solution

How embracing digital solutions can revolutionise critical infrastructure access management, streamline operations, and drive success. Read More

More organisations to benefit from National Cyber Security Centre’s cyber incident response scheme

Ron Alalouff reports on the expansion of the NCSC’s cyber incident response scheme to provide a two-tier system for victim organisations. Read More

Elevating Critical Infrastructure ROI with Digital Access Management

Why investing in digital access management solutions for critical infrastructure offers long-term ROI benefits, including enhanced security. Read More

Return on Investment of Digital Access Management Solutions – Whitepaper for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Dive into this white paper to understand how digital access solutions can help you save money and enhance security. Learn how to evaluate your security needs and investments effectively. Read More

The purpose and benefits of a Vehicle Dynamic Assessment

An overview of Vehicle Dynamic Assessments, their purpose and key considerations when looking to to carry one out. Read More

The IFSEC Converged Security Centre extensive 3-day programme: What’s on the agenda?

The 2023 IFSEC Converged Security Centre features a bigger line up than ever before - check out what's on the agenda, here! Read More

Schedule announced for LPCB Attack Testing Zone as popular feature returns to IFSEC 2023

Make a date in your diary from 16-18 May to attend this year’s IFSEC at London’s ExCeL, as the LPCB Attack Testing Zone returns for 2023. Read More


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