Fire Prevention

Do scare tactics improve or hinder fire safety?

Why scare tactics don't seem to have worked when it comes to fire safety and the impetus is on businesses to see measures as an investment. Read More

Webinar: Is our Reliance on Lithium-Ion Batteries Safe or Sustainable?

Discover the vital steps to safeguard your organisation from the rising fire risks associated with Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Join our webinar and learn how to implement an 8 Step Plan for a safer battery environment. Read More

NFPA 241: An introduction to construction site fire safety in the United States

Ron Alalouff provides an overview of the NFPA 241 code relating to construction site fire safety in the US, based on a talk from FIREX 2023. Read More

The hazards of Lithium-ion batteries on construction sites

There has been a “huge increase” in the use of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries on construction sites, speakers explained at FIREX 2023. Read More

What’s new in construction site fire safety guidance?

Outlining new provisions in the latest editions of two principal guidance documents on fire safety for construction sites. Read More

Hot spots: fire hazards multiply to threaten construction sites

Hunter Seymour addresses the growing number of fire hazards on construction sites due to new and developing risks. Read More

Living walls guidance and fire testing is “inconsistent and inappropriate” says leading fire engineering academic

While living walls can improve air quality and public wellbeing, Professor Ed Galea says that current guidance is not fit for purpose. Read More

‘Fire engineering must keep up with green building innovation’ – Where are the blind spots?

Analysing the fire safety challenges of green buildings and sustainable living, following a keynote from Professor Guillermo Rein at FIREX. Read More

Don’t forget low-rise fire risks, FIREX attendees told

Lakanal revisited, competence ‘myth’ busted and residents’ circumstances flagged as vital to fire risk assessments on the first day of […] Read More

Mitigating the risk of Lithium-ion batteries: Eight-step action plan

Attendees at FIREX 2023 heard from Matt Humby about the rise in lithium-ion battery fires and how professionals can mitigate the risk. Read More

Digitisation of the golden thread – Your questions answered!

We cover key questions from the fire safety industry following a webinar regarding the golden thread and digital job management platforms. Read More

Flashpoint arson alert: Alarming rise in factory and industrial fire hazards

Examining the rising issue of factory fires. What is the context behind this growing problem? And how can arson be prevented? Read More

Fire safety guide: Fire hazards and safety procedures for flats

A guide to important fire safety procedures and requirements for flats and multi-occupied residential buildings. Read More

UK tenants ‘don’t feel safe’ in their homes due to fire safety concerns, study has found

The majority of UK tenants do not feel safe in their own homes for fears of fire risk, a study has revealed. Read More

Government action urged as new figures show surge in lithium-ion battery fires

Trade and consumer bodies are warning that action is needed in the light of sharp increases in e-bike and e-scooter lithium-ion battery fires. Read More

Webinar: Fire safety compliance – an enforcer’s view

This webinar explores how organisations can ensure their people are competent and how enforcement officers will assess compliance Read More

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