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June 18, 2015


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Comelit Launches “Ground-Breaking” Home Automation Range at IFSEC

king comelit

Jeremy King expounds the new system’s virtues to watching journalists

Comelit has launched what it claims is a ground-breaking intelligent home automation system at IFSEC 2015.

Called SimpleHome the system was showcased enthusiastically by the Italy-based company’s specification manager Jeremy King.

Asking the press pack to imagine they’re single and returning home with their date he demonstrated how the touch-screen panel could be programmed to play Barry White as the shutters came down – all at the touch of the screen.

A range of settings could be pre-programmed, he demonstrated, with users choosing a particular combination of lighting, music and so on to suit particular occasions. For instance, you might have an exit mode, when the resident could switch all lighting, appliances and heating off with a couple of touches of the panel.

With options for remote management from smart devices adapted to the individual lifestyles of users, SimpleHome epitomises the latest in home automation technology.

A core function of the system is video door entry, with the facility for call recording by visitors and a touchscreen monitor with automatic display and command activation that is located in the house or apartment.

Safety is maximised through access control to manage entrances and exits using proximity keys and readers with MIFARE technology. There is additional resident security with CCTV video surveillance integration.

Comelit's new SimpleHome intelligent home automation system

Comelit’s new SimpleHome intelligent home automation system

Eco living

SimpleHome’s unrivalled functionality allows installers to meet specific site and resident requirements, as well as to fine-tune power usage. In this way, intelligent lighting management not only optimises energy consumption, but can also simulate occupation when residents are away.

Devices will also switch off automatically when owners are absent for longer than the system expects, and related logic can activate extra alarms.

As with lighting, the automated adjustment of shutters and blinds can also deter would-be intruders while the owner is away. SimpleHome even offers a ‘countdown’ mode for achieving an ideal room temperature and activating devices after an extended absence.

Reducing energy bills

The SimpleHome product suite is an interrelated offering where users are able to select and combine functions as they wish. Access control can be role-specific, meaning that gardeners or contractors are only permitted to enter appropriate areas.

Residents can also reduce their carbon footprint by fine-tuning energy consumption to match their lifestyles and schedules.

Heating/air conditioning can be managed both on-site and remotely. SimpleHome’s intelligence is exemplified by features such as coordinating garden sprinkler systems with the automatic detection of rainfall. (Early reports from field trials suggest that this kind of intelligence is seeing SimpleHome cut utility bills by up to a third.)

Comelit is aware that time is at a premium and that our memory isn’t always perfect when we’re in a rush. Many users will want to take advantage of an ‘exit’ scenario whereby residents leaving in a hurry can use a preconfigured combination of settings that automatically primes intruder alarms, switches off lights, reduces heating, etc.

Comfort settings (also available remotely) allow the on-off switching of devices by room and the selection of individual device status. There is also audio distribution to synchronise or distinguish between multiple audio zones, enabling different family members to listen to the same music or to their individual choice.

Remote management via web

When they are at home, residents control smart functions with a SimpleHome Manager device resembling a tablet. The interface can even reproduce the appearance of the property by allowing users to upload layouts of their home to the supervisor touchscreen.

Remote control is achieved with SerialBridge (no app or software is required), whereby the resident uses a smartphone, tablet or PC to go to a web address and simply issue instructions to the home automation supervisor.

Francesca Boeris, Managing Director, Comelit UK, said: “The SimpleHome suite demonstrates our joined-up thinking. It leaves other home automation systems behind in terms of functions and design values. Installers are able to meet the requirements of sophisticated property owners and residents can take control of their own space – all from an intuitive attractive interface.”

She continued: “We now demand remote access to our office computers on the move and expect our various portable devices to sync up accordingly. SimpleHome means you can be at home wherever you go in terms of optimising the safety and comfort of your property. We’re very excited to be able to demonstrate the core features of SimpleHome at IFSEC this year on our stand G900.”

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