Physical Security

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Security Research Initiative launches new survey – What is next for private security?

The Security Research Initiative is asking for responses to understand what’s next for private security following the global pandemic. Read More

US Capitol attack a wake-up call for the integration of physical & IT security

Seth Rosenblatt discusses how two traditionally disparate security disciplines can be united following the US Capitol attacks. Read More

Genetec offers trend predictions for 2021 and opens new HQ in Vienna

Genetec has announced the opening of its 16th global office in Vienna, as well as publishing its security trend predictions for 2021. Read More

Siege of The US Capitol: Questioning the security processes

Following the riots that took place at The US Capitol Building on 6th January, Kobi Mor explains how he would go about a security enquiry into the event. Read More

Who is responsible for protecting physical security systems from cyber-attacks?

Who is responsible for the cyber security of physical security devices? James Willison explores debates in the sector following a recent poll. Read More

ATG Access strengthens presence in Asia

ATG Access has announced a new partnership with Singapore-based ESCO Pte Ltd to strengthen its presence in Asia. Read More

IFSEC Global’s trends in security 2021

The IFSEC Global Editor takes a look at several noteworthy trends in the security sector to come out of the past 12 months. Read More

Rising to the challenge: Perspectives from security leaders on 2020 and beyond

Chris Price talks to five industry leaders from different perspectives in the sector about how they coped with COVID and asks them to look forward to 2021. Read More

Keeping construction sites secure and safe during the pandemic

Equipment like temporary CCTV towers can support in keeping construction sites safe and secure, even during the challenges a pandemic brings. Read More

Securing heritage sites in a pandemic: Challenges and solutions

Hunter Seymour examines the challenges of protecting and securing heritage sites during a pandemic, and provides guidance on the solutions available. Read More