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Fire Protection Strategy: A Barbour Director’s Briefing

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Sitting alongside the industry-leading FIREX International event, IFSEC Global aims to provide professionals with the latest news, legislative updates and opinions from the world of fire safety.

Fire safety has always been vitally important, and much of the current UK regulation stems from the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (currently under consultation). The issue was very much thrown into the public spotlight in the UK, however, following the events of the Grenfell Tower Fire, which led to the tragic deaths of 72 of its residents. The fallout of the disaster continues to be felt in the sector today, and at the time of writing, the Public Inquiry is currently in its second phase of assessing what caused the events on the night of the 14th June 2017.

To keep up with the latest in the fire safety industry, The Tall Buildings Fire Safety Conference will be running as a digital event in 2020, taking place across three days: Wednesday 30 September, Wednesday 7 October and Wednesday 14 October.

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Below, you will find critical guides to support in efforts to improve fire safety standards, while our latest news section covers breaking stories and updates to legislation that will impact on everyone from property owners, to fire safety consultants and fire risk assessors.

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Fire Protection Strategy: A Barbour Director’s Briefing

Download this free Director's Briefing from Barbour EHS, covering some of the key points of the Fire Safety Order and recommendations for employers. Read More