Cyber Security

The smart buildings report 2017: installed base, benefits and challenges, cyber threat and barriers to adoption

The phishing threat in numbers

Did you know that the average company with 10,000 or more employees spends $3.7m a year dealing with phishing threats? Read More

Converged security management: The key to mitigating cybersecurity risks

This white paper from Axis Communications examines the the rise of the IoT, why third parties should adhere to ‘secure by design’ principles and why the necessary convergence of IT and security departments demands a holistic approach. Read More

Radiation-blocking underwear and 18 other bizarre smart ‘things’ that could let hackers into your smart home (and one device to protect you)

Here are 19 of the most bizarre or – according to IoT sceptics – pointless devices that are creating new vectors of attack for cybercriminals. Also find in our interactive infographic one device designed to protect the smart home from attack. Read More

UK government issues cybersecurity guidelines for connected cars

The principles implore everyone in the automotive supply chain to collaborate during the design process and over software upgrades and maintenance long after cars hit the road. Read More

A rundown of ransomware master keys released so far

Whether through compassion or for less admirable motives, ransomware developers do in rare instances release master keys with which victims can recover their files, says David Balaban of Privacy PC. Here's a rundown of the keys released so far. Read More

‘Destruction of service’ attacks could “disrupt the internet itself” and destroy businesses in one fell swoop: Cisco

A new type of cyber-attack that can even disable back-up systems could soon hit businesses and organisations, according to Cisco. Read More

Best of both worlds: Why an IoT that is both open and secure should be a right, not a privilege

Brian McGuigan, sales director (Europe) of smart city solutions at Silver Spring Networks, talks about delivering security at a city-wide scale, the merits of an open, adaptable and future-fit network and your right to best-in-class IoT. Read More

Cyber-attack could cost global economy more than costliest natural disaster in US history, says Lloyds

Lloyd’s of London has warned that a major cyber-attack could cause problems that cost as much as $120bn (£92bn) to rectify. Read More

The international league table of cybersecurity: How cyber-safe is your country?

The infographic below details the countries that are the most and least safe in terms of vulnerability to cyber-attack. Full […] Read More

We treat biometrics as ‘plug and play’: in the boardroom with ImageWare Systems

IFSEC media partner spoke to Jim Miller, chairman and CEO of ImageWare Systems Inc, a developer of identity management solutions. Read More