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Adam Bannister is a contributor to IFSEC Global, having been in the role of Editor from 2014 through to November 2019. Adam also had stints as a journalist at cybersecurity publication, The Daily Swig, and as Managing Editor at Dynamis Online Media Group.
December 7, 2015


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Paxton CEO Adam Stroud on Net2 Entry’s Latest Incarnation, News for Installers and the Internet of Things

Paxton Net2 Entry

Launching the next generation of its popular Net2 Entry door entry system, 2015 has been a big year for Paxton.

This year also marked the Brighton-based company’s 30th year in business, which it celebrated at IFSEC International 2015 in London.

IFSEC Global caught up with the access control pioneer’s group CEO to find out more about the latest Net2 iteration. Adam Stroud, who has been with the company since 2012, also discusses the latest training opportunities for installers and how Paxton is dealing with the proliferation of internet-connected devices (aka the internet of things).

adam stroud 2IFSEC Global: What products has Paxton launched recently, which markets are they aimed at and what exciting features or innovations do they offer end users?

Adam Stroud: We constantly seek to provide the best solution for our customers. Paxton products are made with the mid-market in mind and by working closely with our installers we truly understand industry requirements.

Net2 Entry, our first door entry system was released in 2012. It is the simplest door entry system available, consisting of just three components that auto-detect on set up – external panel, interior monitor and door controller – for a true plug and play solution.

We recently released the next generation of Net2 Entry, with features that are undeniably useful for end users.

Two brand new panels and an update to the system aim to provide enhanced door entry functionality for versatile security and building management. Multi-tenanted buildings, such as office or apartment blocks and gated communities can take advantage of the grouping feature on the new panels.

This enables partitioning of sites, buildings and floor levels for straightforward and easy access. Improved SIP compatibility will also allow sites to enjoy the flexibility of answering their door via SIP-enabled smart device or handset. The system is also easily scalable so it can expand to suit the growing needs of your building.

When used alongside Paxton’s Net2 access control, door entry can be combined with the key features of a networked system such as central administration, event reporting and flexible permissions over users’ access, enabling door entry and access control in a single product.

IG: Any new developments installers should be aware of?

AS: The new Net2 Entry panels will directly replace Paxton’s current offering and are available in two variations, standard and vandal resistant. Both variations have been designed with cutting-edge aesthetics and are available in flush-mount, surface-mount and rain-hood versions, making them suitable for a range of environments.

The latest versions feature MIFARE® technology, a new intuitive panel interface and pan/tilt camera functionality for the ultimate security solution.

Free, hands-on training is available for our complete range of standalone and networked products. The training sessions are designed to provide our installers with the essential knowledge needed to fit Paxton products. This will ensure installation is always correct, reducing the time taken to fix errors on site and therefore improving the installer’s profits.

IG: How would you describe Paxton’s position in the market and what are your goals for expansion, whether in the UK, globally or into new areas?

AS: At Paxton, we believe the key to success in the mid-market – gyms, schools, shops, factories, offices, factories, warehouses etc – is accessibility for customer. This means reaching the local security installer so they can recommend and install the system.

To achieve this, installer training is required, the system must be simple to sell, install and use. The pre and post-sale support must be first-class including telephone support, on-site support and returns policies.

Since 2011 Paxton’s export sales have more than trebled through aggressive investment in key markets. We now have more than 40 international team members located in 12 countries worldwide including, France, Germany, South Africa, UAE, Ireland, Benelux and the US.

In line with our global expansion we undertake significant research to ensure our products meet the requirements of varying international markets. Investment is then made in the development of products for a global market, for example the release of US and Scandinavian variants of Net2 PaxLock, and integration with local manufacturers such as Germany’s Uhlmann Zacher’s cylinder lock.

Our local approach also includes internationalised software and literature and regional teams offering training and support.

IG: How is Paxton exploiting the possibilities created by the internet of things?

AS: The internet of things means greater connectivity between devices so that they can act more intelligently.

We believe that, as the ubiquity of connected devices increases, it will further the consolidation of security and building automation systems in the residential and mid-market.  This new wave of building intelligence systems will unleash the true potential of a fully connected world, giving exceptional benefits to customers.

Being a manufacturer, Paxton is fortunate enough to be able to actively participate in forming the future trends of the security industry. By understanding emerging technology, and applying it intelligently to future products, we aim to bring about a step change in value of building intelligence systems to customers. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting developments in 2016!

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