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November 11, 2020


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Paxton pivots with Net2 updates and installer app to support professionals in 2020

In what has been a challenging year for all businesses, the security industry has continued to be resilient throughout. Paxton, for instance, has launched several COVID-secure updates for Net2, alongside launching its new installer app to support systems installers.

Paxton-Installer-App-Phone-20Paxton’s Global Chief Executive Adam Stroud explains: “Due to the nature of the pandemic, we saw that the initial appetite for security installations was vastly reduced. As the initial shock receded, it became clear the major role the security industry has to play in helping businesses to keep their people safe.”

At the start of the 2020, and in the early stages of the global pandemic, Paxton had international product launches planned throughout the year. The technology manufacturer decided to adapt these plans to suit the current situation and began creating new updates to help reduce the risk of infection on sites installed with Net2. Alongside these software enhancements, Paxton has built a new Installer app for smart devices which it believes will help their customers with technical information and onsite installations.

Adam further explains: “There are certain things such as this pandemic, that happen outside of our direct control, and where possible I think it’s important to try to see the opportunity to do something fresh and different. The new updates for Net2 are just that, and I am very pleased we have invested in the development of an app to make things simpler for our installers.”

Net2 COVID-secure updates  

Net2 Pro users can now benefit from the entire series of additional COVID-secure features that Paxton has developed this year. They are all designed to work simply and seamlessly together to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus around populated buildings, explains the business.

Adam continues: “Despite the difficult circumstances, we understood it was important to develop new ideas and make our presence felt, reassuring customers, and demonstrating that we continue to push forward even when times get tough. Over the last four months we have released new versions of Net2 software with Flexible Access Permissions, Occupancy Management, Checkpoint Control, and have more additional Thermal Scanner integrations.”

Updates have included:

  • Flexible Access Permissions – help meet social distancing guidelines by limiting high traffic and allow a one-way flow of movement
  • Occupancy Management – enable users to control and monitor how many people are on their site, in any given area
  • Checkpoint Control – allows users to set up designated checkpoints and monitor as well as approve staff and visitors entering those areas
  • Thermal Scanner integrations – adds the use of cameras to support health and wellbeing in high security areas as well as identifies people that could be at risk of infecting others

You can find out further information on these updates on Paxton’s Net2 product page.

Paxton Installer app

Paxton’s new app is also now officially live. The app’s search functionality allows for individual product information to be accessed quickly via the apps built in bar code scanner. It provides direct digital access to the company’s Knowledge Base, which consists of up-to-date product specifications, technical documents, instructions as well as answers to FAQs.

Adam explains: “We are always looking for opportunities to improve the service we provide to our installers. Our ever-growing library of information about our products ranges from videos to technical documents and sales information. Installers finding what they need on the go can often be a challenge and making this easier has been one of the key objectives of the Paxton Installer app.”

Another benefit of the app for installers is the ability to favourite link documents for quick access and share information with colleagues or end users via email, text, airdrop, or WhatsApp. All documents and videos are also available offline as they are downloadable in app.

When using the app, installers will be able to direct dial Paxton’s expert technical support team and find a list of their local distributors to make sourcing products and getting installation advice quick and easy.

In conjunction with these new solutions, Paxton have published a dedicated online COVID resources page on their website, and an on-demand webinar called ‘Paxton’s definitive guide to COVID-secure buildings’.

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