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August 20, 2018


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“little or no training required”

TDSi adds new functionality to EXgarde Web access control software

Integrated security manufacturer TDSi has introduced new features to its EXgarde Web security solution related to photo capture, situational awareness and door entry PIN codes.

A PIN can now be changed and assigned to a door, with validity added across a range of dates and times – useful for assigning cards to visitors or short-term contractors. Photos can now be captured through the web portal to quickly create photo ID.

A lost or stolen access card can be suspended, and a new card issued rapidly, with visibility of all activity. Reports documenting who has entered and left the building can be generated quickly to provide situational awareness to fire marshals and search and rescue teams during incidents that prompt evacuation of the building.

“The operator can capture key fields – such as name, organisation and car registration etc – assign security rights and issue access cards.” Alex Rumsey, director of UK sales, TDSi

“EXgarde Web was originally launched in 2014 and offers an additional option to interface with TDSi’s powerful EXgarde solution.” said Alex Rumsey, director of UK sales at TDSi. “It allows security operators or authorised staff to add new security users and grant access through any internet-enabled device.

“The operator can capture key fields – such as name, organisation and car registration etc – assign security rights and issue access cards.”

Pitched at organisations of all sizes the platform, says TDSi, is easy to use and therefore particularly suited to operators with minimal training and who uses the system infrequently, such as receptionists.

“EXgarde Web does not require any new software, the user just requires a spare network user client licence for the functionality to be supported. Secure access can be gained from any internet portal, including major smartphone platforms as well as PC and Apple. Using a highly intuitive interface, little or no training is required to operate the software.”

EXgarde Web has fewer features than EXgarde PRO Client to reduce security vulnerabilities in the unlikely event a mobile device is breached or the operator makes a mistake.

Continued Rumsey: “EXgarde Web requires the latest version of EXgarde with the free web module installed on a client device. EXgarde Web can be used over multiple devices providing an unbeatable level of flexibility and usability for this powerful integrated security solution.

“If your business is already using EXgarde it is the perfect way to enhance your security regime for a minimal outlay.”

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