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September 26, 2019

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Traka Automotive hails surging sales of electronic key systems to car dealerships

Traka Automotive has reported a 34% jump in sales of its electronic key management systems over the last 12 months.

Systems now in use by car dealerships around the UK and Ireland now number 1,002.

Authorised individuals gain access to Traka key cabinets by keying in PIN codes or authenticating their fingerprints on biometric readers. All new vehicle details are transferred automatically from a dealer’s management system to the new key management system as soon as they arrive on site.

It now takes less than a minute for all key vehicle information (make, model, VIN, status, registration and customer details) to be assigned to the Traka Automotive system powering the Traka cabinets.

Dealerships are getting a return on investment within as little as four months, claims Traka

An iFob, which holds all vehicle information linked to the set of keys it’s attached to, is then placed into a secure Traka key cabinet. An electronic record of cabinet and slot location, together with the identity of the key’s last handler, then becomes available to authorised users of Traka’s software – accessible via  desktop PCs or Android and Apple mobile devices.

Staff can see which cabinet is holding which keys and where a vehicle is parked in seconds via Traka Automotive’s mobile app – avoiding the need to raise a query with head office.

Traka Automotive claims the system has reduced incidents of lost or misplaced keys and avoided time wasted hunting for keys and vehicles. Resulting improvements in productivity and profitability are, it says, giving dealerships a return on their investment in the system within as little as four months.

“The current sales growth figures are a testament to the success of our key management system in providing a rapid, demonstrable benefit to our customers,” said Paul Smith, director at Traka Automotive.

“Traka’s sales have increased by a third this year as more UK and Ireland businesses recognise the value of our system in keeping track of keys day in and day out and saving their staff time and therefore money – protecting tight margins.”

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