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October 3, 2023


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Gurkha Security Services: Celebrating 18 years of excellence

Sitting down with Bishnu Tamang, Hari Shrestha, and Nabin Siwa, the co-founders of Gurkha Security Services Ltd., a leading security firm based in Farnborough.

Established in 2005, the company is now celebrating its 18th anniversary, a remarkable milestone in the industry. Gurkha Security Services Ltd. has grown from humble beginnings to become a trusted name in the security sector.

Over the years, it has built a reputation for providing top-notch security solutions to a diverse range of clients, including government agencies, corporate entities, and private individuals based all over the country.

The success of Gurkha Security Services Ltd. can be attributed to the co-founders’ extensive experience and expertise in the field. All three co-founders have served in the renowned Gurkha regiment of the British Army, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge in security operations and management.

Today we look at their journey so far…

Can you take us back to the company’s early days? What inspired you to start it?

We had unwavering confidence in our ability to establish something that would greatly benefit the public. Throughout our military careers, our primary focus was on safeguarding, securing, and devising contingency plans to mitigate future risks and threats.

Creating a security company not only allowed us to extend job opportunities to individuals with similar military backgrounds but also granted us the freedom and empowerment to make decisions independently, effectively becoming our own bosses. While we recognised the considerable challenges that lay ahead, we were determined to take them on, believing strongly in our capacity to not just succeed but excel in this endeavor.

What were some of your biggest challenges during the initial stages? How did you overcome them?

Nabin Siwa, co-founder of GSS

As you can imagine the biggest challenge we encountered revolved around funding for operational expenses and acquiring clients to initiate and sustain our business. We overcame this with a lot of resilience, negotiations, and good old hard work.

It’s worth noting that to optimise cost efficiency, we ourselves engaged in the roles of retail security, store detectives, and fulfilling ad-hoc requests for security officer coverage. It was a humble start, filled with challenges and growth opportunities that have been invaluable in shaping our company’s journey.

What are the company’s most significant milestones and achievements over the years?

We take pride in achieving 18 years of success in the security industry, even in the face of intense competition. The fact that our company not only persevered but also flourished, all while maintaining client satisfaction, creating employment opportunities, and ensuring the wellbeing of our team members, is an ongoing source of accomplishment for us.

Were there any pivotal moments or decisions that had a major impact on the company’s trajectory?

Hari Shrestha, co-founder of GSS

Initially, we handled a wide range of security guarding assignments. However, we later made the deliberate choice to specialise exclusively in manned security, a decision that has resulted in the company’s consistent and stable growth over the years. Focusing more on manned guarding allowed us to excel in our chosen field and provide a higher level of service and product quality.

What have you personally learned from the journey of building this company?

Throughout the journey of building this company, we have gained profound insights that can be invaluable for aspiring entrepreneurs.

As for the company’s growth and success, we ensure our operation is based on its ethics, culture, and principles.

How would you describe the company’s culture, and what role has it played in your success?

The name of the Gurkha holds a special place in our foundation, just as our ethos and culture have been instrumental in our journey to success. Our military background and unwavering ethics unite us as a tight-knit military family, empowering us to deliver outstanding security services and flourish in a competitive industry.

What values or principles have guided the company throughout its existence?

Our core values have been rooted in Gurkha heritage, these values include unwavering integrity, relentless pursuit of excellence, and a commitment to professionalism. Our adaptability and dedication, shaped by generations of Gurkha tradition, enable us to uphold the highest standards of service and ethics.

As the company celebrates the 18-year milestone, what are your future plans and aspirations?

As we celebrate this milestone, we like to take the company forward with the integration of new systems for operational efficiency and digitalisation where possible. We are dedicated more to welfare matters and nurturing our team’s professional growth on staff.

Additionally, we’re committed to actively contributing to the wellbeing of the communities we serve, ensuring safety, and promoting social and environmental responsibility.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs who are just starting their journey today?

Bishnu Tamang, co-founder of GSS

Our advice to aspiring entrepreneurs embarking on their journey today is to recognise that every business holds potential for growth. However, it’s crucial not to be driven solely by emotional decisions, as they can potentially complicate your future endeavours.

Instead, take opportunities at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT location, and with the RIGHT product, which can greatly increase your chances of success.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers about the company’s anniversary or your journey as a co-founder?

As we mark our 18th anniversary, we would like to express our profound gratitude to our clients, staff, and everyone who has been part of our journey.

Our success would not have been possible without your trust and support. We are excited about the future and remain dedicated to providing exceptional security services while staying true to our values.

If you require guarding services, please visit www.gss4u.co.uk or call 01252 510 707.

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