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March 7, 2024


Whitepaper: Enhancing security, resilience and efficiency across a range of industries

Why digital locking solutions improve your ROI in critical infrastructure protection

In today’s world, using digital locks is crucial for protecting important infrastructure. These modern solutions blend technology and security to give better control over access, leading to more value for the investment and stronger protection.

In an era where critical infrastructure protection is paramount, adopting digital locking solutions emerges as a strategic imperative for organizations seeking to safeguard their assets efficiently and effectively. The blending of technology and security has brought forth a new generation of access control, providing numerous benefits that significantly improve Return on Investment (ROI) in protecting critical infrastructure.

Enhanced visibility and control

Traditional locking mechanisms often struggle to provide comprehensive oversight of access points, leaving vulnerabilities that malicious individuals can exploit. With digital solutions, organizations can see access activities like never before, enabling them to take action quickly if there’s unauthorized entry or suspicious behavior.

Enhanced access management

Digital locking solutions enable organizations to manage workforce access with unparalleled precision. By aligning access rights with individuals’ competencies and responsibilities, organizations can ensure that only authorized personnel are granted entry to sensitive areas. Furthermore, integration with existing systems facilitates seamless activation and deactivation of access privileges based on factors such as shifts or training status, thereby minimizing safety risks, and streamlining operational workflows.

Operational efficiency and cost savings

The implementation of digital locking solutions translates into tangible savings in operational costs. By reducing potential downtime through swift identification and resolution of access-related issues, organizations can minimize disruptions to critical infrastructure operations. Additionally, the optimized utilization of resources leads to greater efficiency, further driving down operational expenses and enhancing overall profitability.

Regulatory compliance and risk mitigation

Maintaining regulatory compliance is a top priority for organizations operating in critical infrastructure sectors. Digital locking solutions play a pivotal role in ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations, thereby mitigating the risk of non-compliance penalties and fines. Through automated access management and comprehensive reporting capabilities, organizations can demonstrate compliance with stringent security protocols, bolstering their reputation and safeguarding against legal liabilities.

Improved user experience

Ease of use is a hallmark of digital locking solutions, enhancing user experience across all levels of the organization. From frontline personnel to administrative staff, the intuitive interface and streamlined processes associated with digital access management systems simplify day-to-day operations, fostering greater productivity and employee satisfaction. Moreover, the elimination of manual key management tasks reduces administrative burdens, allowing personnel to focus on core responsibilities.

Long-term value and sustainability

Thanks to their robust design and comprehensive functionality, investing in digital locking solutions offers long-term value and sustainability. Unlike traditional locking mechanisms that may require frequent maintenance or replacement, digital solutions boast a prolonged lifespan and minimal upkeep requirements. Furthermore, predictive maintenance services leverage advanced analytics to anticipate potential issues before they escalate, ensuring uninterrupted protection of critical infrastructure assets.

Monetizing the benefits

Digital security solutions, encompassing wired and wireless digital locking mechanisms, provide exceptional security and privacy protection for critical infrastructure. For example, battery-powered Bluetooth locks offer flexibility and future possibilities for remote opening and IoT monitoring. Smartphones serve as true multifunctional devices, functioning as secure digital keys to access different sites and premises. Mobile credentials replace physical keys, cards, and fobs, offering significant advantages such as ease of use and multiple layers of security.

Safety and security as an investment

With decades of experience within critical infrastructure, we have found that digital access solutions provide a fast return on investment by decreasing costs in various operational areas. Safety and security are not merely costs but investments in the resilience and longevity of critical infrastructure assets.

Adopting digital locking solutions represents a strategic imperative for organizations seeking to enhance ROI in critical infrastructure protection. As threats to infrastructure security continue to evolve, embracing innovative technologies is essential for maintaining resilience and ensuring the uninterrupted operation of vital systems and services.

If you need help and advice with your current or future security requirements, feel free to contact our critical infrastructure specialists via the ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions website. We’re here to support you in implementing customized security solutions designed specifically for the critical infrastructure sector.

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As a drive to a more connected security ecosystem develops, just what are the key requirements and obstacles security teams must consider? How do digital devices enable greater efficiencies and more secure sites? And how does a CNI operation achieve true integration and embrace convergence of technology?

All this, and more, is covered by Stephen Horner, a Security Advisor for Northern Gas Network, and Steve Wintle, Head of Critical Infrastructure at Abloy UK.

Dive into ASSA ABLOY Global Solution’s whitepaper to understand how digital access solutions can help you save money and enhance security. Learn how to evaluate your security needs and investments effectively.

The whitepaper explores how investments in digital access can make a difference. Chapters cover:

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