Hunter Seymour

Security market analyst

Hunter Seymour is a security market analyst with expertise in both the fire and security markets.

Articles by this author

Securing heritage sites in a pandemic: Challenges and solutions

Mounting cyber threat to critical infrastructure ramps up UK countermeasures

Defeating shoplifters: Your ‘prevent and deter’ checklist

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How the prison service is responding to COVID-19

What does the coronavirus mean for the fire safety sector?

A very modern tragedy… preventing self-storage facility fires

Notre Dame blaze: fire experts on safeguarding heritage sites

How will Brexit affect UK fire exports? The sector responds

Brexit and UK fire exports: hazards on the roadmap ahead

The science behind optical beam detection in large, open spaces – on show at FIREX 2018

Tackling drones, phones and unknowns: innovative solutions for securer prisons

‘Blue light’ warning: How the false alarm epidemic continues to resist all remedies

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