Hunter Seymour

Security market analyst

Hunter Seymour is a security market analyst with expertise in both the fire and security markets.

Articles by this author

Fuel poverty… A crisis set to spark fire hazards?

Joined-up thinking: How the UK’s approach to national security will require collaboration between the private security sector, public services and government

Retail theft: The growing frontline threat in a cost-of-living squeeze?

Checkpoint for risk: CROSS-UK’s role in collaborative reporting for critical fire safety concerns

Zero tolerance: The impact of Covid on fire safety risk management

The fire safety hazards of ‘quick-fix’ repurposing of commercial buildings for residential housing

Heatwave hazards: How smarter optical beam design can combat the fire detection challenges of buildings under thermal stress

Heightened alert: Combatting the ‘hybrid security threat’ to critical energy and utilities

Opening moves in new UKCA marking scheme face challenging timelines for fire and security markets

Securing heritage sites in a pandemic: Challenges and solutions

Mounting cyber threat to critical infrastructure ramps up UK countermeasures

Defeating shoplifters: Your ‘prevent and deter’ checklist

A pandemic and remote working: Cyber security under the microscope

Back in the game: How the return of spectators to sport may affect security and fire professionals

Rethinking best practice? The impact of COVID-19 on installers, engineers and contractors

How the prison service is responding to COVID-19

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