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Electric Vehicles and Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Safety Feature at the HRB Conference

Podcast: Episode 21: Lithium-ion battery fire risks – what you need to know (part three)

Podcast: Episode 20: Lithium-ion battery fire risks – what you need to know (part two)

Podcast: Episode 19: Lithium-ion battery fire risks – what you need to know (part one)

IFSEC and FIREX becomes part of ‘Anticipate London’ in new launch

The building safety occupation regime and the Golden Thread – filling in the details

Podcast: Episode 18 – Transforming security: The role of secure IoT connectivity within fire and security applications

Fire Safety Enforcement Notices – What do you need to do?

Addressing the surge in shoplifting: Strategies for safeguarding retailers in challenging times

Setting standards for solar CCTV systems: Ensuring safety, cybersecurity and reliability

Poll statistics steer National Apprenticeship Week towards a more inclusive fire sector

Integrating third generation CPTED in modern smart cities: A holistic approach to safety, inclusivity, and sustainability

Navigating physical security: Top trends in 2024

“The security industry is navigating a complex landscape” – Video Surveillance Report review with IDIS’ Jamie Barnfield

2024 OSPAs Thought Leadership Summit programme announced

The planning, conduct and evaluation of emergency exercises in rail transport

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