Julian Hall

Freelance journalist and copywriter, Textual Healing

Articles by this author

“Smart video analytics are essential to banks” – Improving security and customer experience with surveillance tech

Charles ‘Chuck’ Andrews on the cyber issue, growth of AI and collaboration in security

Global COVID vaccination programme fraught with security challenges

A guide to the NIST Cyber Security Framework

Can thermal imaging take the heat out of the coronavirus crisis?

Quantum Computing: Why the technology poses a security threat

A beginner’s guide to passive fire protection

Spotlight on university security

Is AI security overhyped?

Unmanned and unsafe – drone safety regulations 

Modelling risk and crisis management for 2030

The ethical and geopolitical implications of AI and machine learning

Autonomous cars relocate human incompetence from the driver to security engineers

Unifying physical security and cybersecurity at the Converged Security Centre

How to tackle the cybersecurity threat

Overcoming the disruptive effects of criminality with AI video analytics

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