Teresa Higgins

Brand Director at Barbour EHS

Articles by this author

Why is mental health becoming more apparent in the security industry?

New BS 9518:2021 released for processing of alarm signals by an alarm receiving centre

Serious fire incident leaves Network Rail footing £700,000 fine

£240,000 awarded to employee who suffered hearing damage from faulty fire alarm

Better fire safety compliance needed before commercial buildings reopen

Webinar: What do the Fire and Building Safety Bills mean for you?

Bristol pub fined £132k for breaching fire safety rules

London Fire Brigade must do more to fully address failings from Grenfell, says report

Changes to the training needed for an SIA licence

FIA publishes guidance on fire procedures during COVID-19

Drone users face new rules across Europe and UK

Revised fire risk assessment standard published

New regulations on sprinklers in Scotland for multi-occupancy residential buildings

Fire safety changes to sprinkler thresholds in Approved Document B come into force

Fire false alarms account for 42% of FRS incidents in 2020

Crowded places guidance released by National Counter Terrorism Security Office

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