Uri Guterman

Head of product & marketing, Hanwha Techwin Europe

Articles by this author

Why the DORI standard is a good starting point for designing video surveillance systems

How the edge is paving the way for new video surveillance solutions

Mythbuster: Why today’s AI is suitable for more than just high-end surveillance applications

Power over Ethernet – What does it mean and what are the benefits?

Secure by Default password standards “should be fundamental requirement for surveillance systems”

How AI tech can support control room operators when tracking suspects

Camera cyber security jargon buster

Can false alarms become a thing of the past?

GDPR and video surveillance: How to de-identify data subjects

Why the demise of analogue surveillance cameras was greatly exaggerated

The latest ANPR revenue streams for systems installers

The mainstreaming of low-light surveillance cameras

What does wide dynamic range – or WDR – mean?

SD cards: Getting the most out of these unsung heroes of video surveillance

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