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February 28, 2018

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Honeywell’s updated Command and Control Suite enhances data visualisation

Command and Control Suite release 200 (CCS R200) connects people with data analytics to help drive operational improvements and efficiencies by building on Honeywell’s original software.

The latest generation brings more building performance data to key personnel, from building operators and managers to security incident response teams, to help reduce operational costs, mitigate risk and enhance businesses.

CCS R200 combines intelligent automation, advanced analytics and data visualization with the contemporary user experience of consumer home and mobile electronics.

The software integrates with Honeywell’s building management platform, Enterprise Buildings Integrator to integrate of security, comfort, life safety and energy systems among other functions.


  • Holistic integration plus map-based visualization and incident workflows of CCS to the control room workstation, desktop PC and tablets
  • Designed with the same ease of use as the Command Wall, which was designed as a collaboration and team decision-making tool
  • map-based visualization and navigation from a single intuitive touch screen
  • Same ease of use to core operational interfaces, the Command Station and Command Console
  • Command Station is a single window, single monitor interface, designed for a desktop PC, laptop and Windows tablet
  • Users to quickly understand the overall situation at a glance
  • Expert users can drill down to technical detail and full system control
  • Command Console is a premium multi-window, multi-monitor interface designed for engineers, control-room operators, and building mangers and others who need to view insights from multiple systems and areas of a building simultaneously
  • CCS R200 also includes enhancements to the original system’s Incident Workflow feature, which guides users through scripted responses to security incidents and other emergencies.


  • Map visualization to clearly locate an incident to quickly identify the exact location
  • Integrated with the underlying control system, workflows can be initiated by system alarms and procedure steps can include operator-initiated control actions depending on the needs of the incident.
  • Organizations can issue multiple Incident Workflows, which can be managed by different people in order to promote efficiency and overall security

Honeywell says

“The value of a building’s data is dependent on how easily the right people can access and understand it. As today’s operations become increasingly data-driven, it’s imperative for organizations to ensure they’re taking steps to make this data accessible and actionable to those who need it in order to do their jobs, such as security personnel, building operators and C-suite executives,”  said John Rajchert, president of Building Solutions, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies.

Honeywell is exhibiting at IFSEC International, 19-21 June 2018, ExCeL London. You can find them on stand  B400. Register now.

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