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August 24, 2015


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Cyber Security High on Agenda With PM Modi Set to Visit Silicon Valley

With the growing reliance on digital technologies in the global economy, both India and the US have been engaging in high level dialogue over cyber security.

Cyber security is expected to be high on the agenda when PM Modi visits San Francisco between 26-27 September, with plans to meet CEOs from top IT companies in Silicon Valley and a university campus, among other things.

Cooperation on cyber security is gradually progressing as one of the key elements in building strong Indo-US ties. Common issues faced in cyberspace include a rising trend of hacking attempts and the use of social media by terrorist outfits and radical organisations to attract new recruits from developed countries.

The Modi government recently announced the launch of the Digital India initiative, which aims to electronically deliver various government services, creating digital infrastructure for targeted governance and on-demand service delivery.

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