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James Moore is the Editor of IFSEC Global, the leading resource for security and fire news in the industry. James was previously Editor of Professional Heating & Plumbing Installer magazine.
November 18, 2019

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Cyber security

INFOGRAPHIC: The costs of cyber attacks on UK small businesses

In this infographic, SecureTeam, a cyber security consultant that provides a range of solutions to small and medium businesses across the UK, explores the rising costs of cyber attacks on small businesses in the UK and offers some tips on protecting yourself from the growing risk of cyber crime.

The number of cyber attacks in the UK continues to grow each year and small businesses are increasingly bearing the brunt of these attacks. In fact, it has been estimated that UK small businesses are targeted by up to 65,000 cyber attacks each day. Fortunately for small business owners, most of these attacks are unsuccessful. However, a worrying number of cyber criminals are successful and cost the average UK small business over £6,000.

With 43% of cyber attacks in the UK targeting small businesses, it has never been more vital for owners to prepare for an inevitable attack. By understanding the common nature of cyber attacks and the risks involved, you will be in a much stronger position to protect your business from cyber criminals.

Unfortunately, many small businesses mistakenly believe that they are not at risk of cyber attacks and make little effort to prepare or protect themselves from an attack. A lack of preparation and staff training can cause a business to be far more vulnerable and can lengthen the recovery time.

In addition, many businesses that are the victim of cyber crime fail to make any changes to their policies or system security that would prevent further breaches. In fact, over half of the businesses that suffer from a cyber attack are victims of further cyber crimes.

If you are concerned that your business is at risk of a cyber attack or believe it might have already been targeted, contact a cyber security consultancy for help and they will be able to provide you with advice and services to help you protect your business.


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