Want a Future-Proof Cyber Security Strategy? Look at Physical Security Now

A white paper from HID Global

How can you achieve a fully secure digital program?

Considering both network and physical security is a start, but there’s more to employing a holistic approach. In this white paper, CSO and HID Global partner to explore the wide range of additional considerations, including user convenience, risk mitigation, scalability and integration opportunities.

Download the white paper to discover:
  • Why there is a need for a holistic security approach
  • What you can do now to boost security
  • How to future-proof your security posture and which things to keep top of mind
  • What benefits are gained from physical and IT security collaboration


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Free Download: Cybersecurity and physical security systems: how to implement best practices

Discover the five-step process for strengthening your cyber and physical security systems with this free resource from Vanderbilt. Learn how to choose the right equipment to stay diligent and protect your systems against cyberattack, and learn what cyberattacks mean in an interconnected world.

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