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Adam Bannister is a contributor to IFSEC Global, having been in the role of Editor from 2014 through to November 2019. Adam also had stints as a journalist at cybersecurity publication, The Daily Swig, and as Managing Editor at Dynamis Online Media Group.
April 23, 2015


Lithium-Ion batteries. A guide to the fire risk that isn’t going away but can be managed

5 Exciting Fire Innovations at FIREX International 2015

The Cirrus HYBRID by Protec Fire Detection

What is it? The Cirrus HYBRID is a multi-sensor aspirating detector.

How is it innovative? Now patented the Cirrus HYBRID, claim Protec Fire Detection, detect fire and smoke from many more fire types than any other aspirating detector. It boasts, they say, the “largest sensitivity range of any aspirating detector”.

Notable features inlude unique Cloud Chamber Detection (CCD) technology, which can identify invisible fire particles (unseen by laser/LED detectors); high performance optical Scatter Chamber Detectors (SCD), which can detect both small and large smoke particles; independent, integrated, intelligent alarm signal decision-making through complex algorithms; immunity to false alarms from dust, humidity and temperature changes; programmable pre-alarm; and four programmable outputs.

Where in FIREX can I find it? Stand G120

The CFS-C Firestop Collar Endless by Hilti

What is it? Tested and approved in accordance with the latest European Standards (EN 1366-3 and ETAG 026) and holding a comprehensive European Technical Assessment (ETA) the Firestop Collar Endless can be used on PVC, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) pipes as well as a wide range of acoustic PP pipes such as Geberit Silent PP and Rehau Raupiano Plus.

Hilti’s universal solution for firestopping combustible pipes encompasses diameters of up to 160mm in a wide array of pipe configurations.

Hilti’s CFS-C EL comprises a 2.5m intumescent strip with 18 closure plates and 22 hooks. Clear measurement markings mean the product is easily cut to a precise length for the diameter, after which closure plates and hooks are attached for a secure fitting.

How is it innovative? “We set out to create a collar that’s more flexible and easy-to-use than anything that’s gone before,” says Hilti’s Northern Europe product manager (Fire Protection) Olga Katsanova.

The Hilti CFS-C EL Firestop Collar Endless fits around not just straight pipes but also pipe elbows, inclined pipes and pipes with limited clearance to walls, ceilings or other pipes – something a conventional fire collar couldn’t accommodate, says the manufacturer.

Where in FIREX can I find it? Stand C180


stove guard innohome

The Stove Guard by Innohome

What is it? Developed by Finnish fire-safety pioneers Innohome The Stove Guard addresses one of the biggest causes of fire in the home: cooking.

“The Stove Guard prevents cooker fires effectively without interfering with cooking,” claims the manufacturer.

The product, which has elicited considerable interest from responsible persons for university accommodation, boasts an Intelligent Heat Sensor that can be attached beneath a cooker hood as well as a Control Unit that is connected to the cooker.

The Intelligent Heat Sensor monitors cooker top temperature and rate of temperature change. Upon detecting unusual temperature changes it triggers the Control Unit which promptly cuts off the gas or electricity supply.

Compatible with all cooker types.

How is it innovative? The product is the first to fulfil this specific function.

Where in FIREX can I find it? Stand E90

The FIRETEX FX6000 intumescent fire protection coating from Sherwin-Williams

What is it? The FIRETEX FX6000 intumescent fire protection coating enables one-hour drying, accelerating construction projects and output through the shop for coating applicators.

sherwinHow is it innovative? The new coating is “changing the face of fire protection for steel structures with its ultra-rapid drying process and high durability, pushing the boundaries of technology,” says Sherwin-Williams.

“The lasting durability of up to 20 years, improved adhesion and hardness – whilst retaining its aesthetic appearance – are added benefits to the marketplace for the protection of steel beams, columns and braces used in major building projects.

“This also enables quality of application within a shop environment, rigorous inspection and a reduction in the time spent working at height for applicators.”

Where in FIREX can I find it? Stand C225

agrippa pillow alarm
The Agrippa Pillow Alarm by Geofire

What is it? The Agrippa Pillow Alarm, which is being launched at FIREX International, alerts deaf or hard-of-hearing people to fire when they’re asleep through Geofire’s ‘listen and learn’  technology.

A battery powered, wire-free unit the alarm sits unobtrusively under the pillow and comes with a pad attachment.

Agrippa  ‘listen and learn’  technology is already available in Geofire’s door holder and closer product.

How is it innovative? It uses ‘listen and learn’ digital wire-free technology that listens for the unique sound of a specific fire alarm.

Where in FIREX can I find it? Stand E80

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