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Download: A Technical Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

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Managing fire risk in commercial kitchens: Places still available for seminar

The Fire Protection Association (FPA) is running a seminar next month about Managing Fire Risk in Commercial Kitchens. Read More

Fire safety guides from FIREX International

A collection of helpful guides to fire doors, fire alarms and detection, risk assessments and more. Read More

Kings Cross fire 30th anniversary: The legacy of a watershed tragedy on the London Underground

Widespread smoking, wooden escalators and an absence of evacuation plans were just three of the myriad, staggering follies that showed a complete disregard for the safety of staff and passengers on the London Underground in the 1980s. Read More

Illegal streaming devices pose a serious fire risk, product testing shows

So-called ‘Kodi boxes’ flooding the UK market pose a serious fire risk, a series of product tests has revealed. Read More

Watch: How to conduct a weekly test of your fire alarm

We’ve discovered a fantastic video vlog run by fire systems engineer Dan Jackson of Blueserve Facilities. Here’s a great installment for anyone responsible for fire safety in residential or commercial buildings. Read More

How to protect heritage buildings against fire

Marking the one-year anniversary of a fire that destroyed the UK’s oldest hotel, Devon & Somerset FRS is emphasising the importance of conducting regular fire-risk assessments. Read More

Modern furnishings, electronic devices and exterior insulation have cut evacuation times, warns Euralarm

Euralarm says that modern furnishings, energy efficient materials and the proliferation of electronic devices have increased fire loads, reducing evacuation times in many buildings. Read More

“Endless budget cuts” are undermining public safety as FRS fire inspectors plunge by 28% since 2010

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue has suffered the sharpest drop, according to the Fire Brigades Union, losing 70% of its fire inspectors, and many fire services have lost half of such experts. Read More

Jonathan O’Neill receives OBE for services to fire safety

Fire Protection Association (FPA) MD Jonathan O’Neill is now Jonathan O’Neill MBE after being recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to fire safety. Read More

False alarms webinar: How to avoid unwanted alarms in flats, apartments and HMOs

Life safety specialist C-TEC will offer tips on reducing unwanted false alarms in flats, apartments and houses of multiple occupation, thereby avoiding fines from the fire service. Read More