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April 24, 2019

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third-party certification

BAFE kitchen fire suppression scheme off and running with first certified providers

The new Kitchen Fire Protection System Scheme (SP206) from BAFE has its first certified provider.

Buckingham-based Abbot Fire Group was presented with a certificate for the installation of Ansul R-102 systems at the recent NSI Summit 2019 in Birmingham. Certification was also awarded to Bury-based Nobel Fire Systems, which manufactures, designs and installs K-Series systems.


Left to right: Richard Jenkins (NSI), John Davidson (NSI), Nigel Walton (Abbot Fire Group), Gary Hurst (NSI auditor), Chris Auger (BAFE)

The scheme, which covers the design, installation, commissioning, recharge and maintenance of extinguishing/suppression systems in kitchens, uses a third-party certification process to assess competency.

Providers are assessed for compliance throughout the process – from design to periodic maintenance visits.

UKAS-accredited certification Bodies BSI and NSI are licensed to deliver assessments on behalf of BAFE.

Fire safety firms can issue clients with NSI/BAFE certificates of compliance to reassure businesses that their kitchen fire protection systems are fit for purpose.

Left to right: Richard Jenkins (NSI), John Davidson (NSI), Andy Pickup (Nobel Fire Systems), Gary Hurst (NSI auditor), Chris Auger (BAFE)

“Third party certification is continuing to be an important factor in the fire safety industry,” said Abbot Fire Group founder Nigel Walton. “We are grateful to BAFE for establishing this scheme, which allows us to demonstrate our skill and expertise in providing our kitchen fire system offerings. I am immensely proud of my hard working and diligent team that all helped earn this certification.

“This is a combination of a two-year development process and a personal campaign of mine as the industry requires third party certification for kitchen system work to appropriately assess competency. My thanks go out to BAFE, NSI and the whole development team for this.”

Said Chris Auger, BAFE schemes manager: “The NSI Summit is a great event to present this certification, with NSI being the first UKAS-accredited certification body to offer this scheme. We are confident the BAFE SP206 scheme represents the best levels of quality and service excellence to help reduce the risk of injury and increase property protection from commercial kitchen fires.”

NSI head of field operations (systems) John Davidson said: “As the first certification body in the UK to be accredited by UKAS and licensed by BAFE to deliver the SP206 scheme we are delighted to announce these new approvals and look forward to more companies within the sector undergoing independent assessment.

“The overarching aim is to help duty-holders select competent contractors, and so reduce risk, raise standards and protect those who use and/or occupy premises housing commercial kitchens.

“NSI fully supports the drive for fire safety by BAFE, insurers and professional installers and we welcome the authority this scheme gives professional approved installers to issue operators of commercial kitchens with NSI/BAFE certificates of compliance as evidence their kitchen fire protection systems are fit for purpose.”

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